About China cards
As famous russian cinema hero Comrade Sukhov sad, The East is thin thing.
So as asian cards. There are Imitations, Imitations of Imitations etc., etc.
If I can recognize different world publishers by cardbacks I can't do it with asian cards.
There are possible the same jokers in different countries.
As another famous russian literature hero Kuzma Prutkov (XIX c.) sad,
Don't believe own sight if You see inscription "Lion" at the tiger's cage.
For example, there is possible "Made in China" (Japan, USA, ...) at the cards of Korea.
For this reason I placed all my unknown asian cards to unknown Cnina cards.
In addition I placed some China cards to Shanghai cards, but it's my speculation.
If You know exactly - tell me please about it. Thank You in advance.
Standard Courts of China cards
Some usuful marks to determine printers

name wwpcm logo joker joker joker joker
AGC Playing Cards Hong Kong
Anhui dingyuan playing cards factory  Anhui
Anshan xinhua printing factory Liaoning
B.W.C.D. Yiwu
Baralho de cartas Macau
Cangnan Feiying Printing Co. Ltd. no
EAGLE Playing Cards Hong Kong
East Playing Cards link      
Fenghua Chunguang Playing Cards Factory Ningbo
Gammon Colour Printing Co., Ltd. d12491 GP
Hangzhou Longa Color Printing Co., Ltd Hangzhou
Hangzhou wenhua printing factory Hangzhou
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Bailing puke color printing Co.,Ltd. link
Hangzhou Xintian Paper Industry Co. Hangzhou
Hangzhou yaguang playing cards colour printing company Hangzhou
HCG Hong Kong
Hebei Jianglong Printing Co., Ltd no
Hebei Maya Poker Culture Co., Ltd Hebei        
Hefei City Yinlian Color Printing Co., Ltd Anhui
Heze Wanda Playing Card Co. Shandong
HZF unknown        
Jiangsu Santu Group Co., Ltd Jiangsu
KR Playing Cards Hong Kong
Kuo Kau Paper Products Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Legends Playing Card Company Hong Kong
Long-feng Groups Co. Ltd. Fujian
MeiJia international corp. Jiangsu
MPC Guangdong  
NingBo Three A Group Co., Ltd AAA      
SAC unknown      
SanRui Printing Co.
Shandong heze printing factory Shandong      
Shandong Hiyoung Printing Co., Ltd Shandong Kylin      
Shanghai cultural utensil company
Shanghai forest printing factory
Shanghai huakang drawing ruler factory
Shanghai nanhui printing factory
Shanghai playing cards factory Shanghai
Shanghai round world colour printing Co.
Shanghai Yuchen Playing Cards Industry Co., Ltd. Yaoji/Motor
Shanghai zhoupu printing factory
Shanxi Xin Jiang Zhongbei Printing Co., Ltd. no
Shenzhen Wangjing Paper Co., Ltd. Guandong WJPC
Suzhou playing cards factory
? Suzhou Sunway Playing Card Factory)
Ta Chien Publishing Co., Ltd Taiwan
TCC Playing Cards Co. Guandong  
Three Trees AAA      
TongDa Printing Co., Ltd. Yiwu
Triangle Playing Card Hong Kong      
WaiYip Printing Factory Hong Kong
Wen Xian Printing&Production  Ltd Guandong
Wenzhou Yipintang Design & Printing Co., Ltd. link
Windmill Playing Cards Hong Kong
World Playing Cards Ltd Hong Kong      
Wuyi Yingxiang Color Printing Co., Ltd Yiwu      
Yali Guandong
Yiwu Playing Card Factory link
Yunnan Tongprint Co., Ltd. Yunnan
Zhejiang Langhua Poker co., ltd Wuyi
ZheJiang Wan Sheng Da Industry Co., Ltd WSD WSD
"Yan Huang" ?