No. country publisher name
d00801 Russia RusJoker Saint-Petersburg
d00802 unknown unknown ?
d00804 Holland SFN Neerlandia
d00805 USA King Press Godey's Ladies Cards
d00806 Australia Paper Products standard
d00807 USA Lowry Coffee Tartan
d00808 unknown unknown ?
d00809 unknown unknown ?
d00811 France Heron Harley-Davidson
d00812 Germany Bielefelder Comtesse
d00813 Russia unknown Gregori Tarot
d00814 Russia TarotClub Duerer Tarot
d00815 Austria Piatnik Wilhelm Tell
d00816 Austria Piatnik ?
d00817 USA unknown Marshall Field&Co
d00818 unknown unknown ?
d00819 unknown unknown ?
d00820 Germany ASS Ariston Playing Card Co.
d00821 Spain Elaboracion S.A. Castilla
d00822 unknown unknown ?
d00823 Spain Fournier ?
d00824 unknown unknown ?
d00825 Germany Bielefelder Rokoko
d00826 Germany Bielefelder Rokoko II
d00827 Australia Spicers standard
d00828 unknown unknown ?
d00829 Sweden Esselte Obergs standard
d00830 unknown unknown ?
d00831 Belgium unknown ?
d00832 unknown unknown Imperial
d00833 unknown unknown Tricklico
d00834 unknown unknown ?
d00835 unknown unknown ?
d00836 Italy Modiano African
d00837 UK InterCol Emanuelle
d00838 Russia unknown Playing Cards
d00839 Russia CPP 1000 Manas
d00840 Russia Ofset Cossack Don
d00841 Russia Paritet Trojka
d00842 Russia LiniaGrafic New Russian
d00843 Russia CPP Gaiety
d00844 Russia unknown Tarot "Major Arcan"
d00845 Belgium Carta Mundi Low vision
d00846 unknown unknown Fancy
d00847 Belgium Carta Mundi Bacardi
d00848 Poland unknown With Nude Beauties/With Big Tits
d00849 China ZheJiang World beauty
d00850 Holland SFN standard joker
d00851 Germany Wuest Wuest House Pattern
d00852 Russia handmade Find 7 differences
d00853 Russia handmade nude photo-decks
d00854 Russia Raduga Soliter 2
d00855 Russia Raduga Soliter 1
d00856 Russia unknown Harry Potter
d00857 Russia unknown Harry Potter
d00858 Austria Piatnik Large crown
d00859 Germany Dondorf Patiencespiel No. 44
d00860 USA USPCC Panama
d00861 USA John Graf Co. Jamaica Pale Dry Ginger
d00862 USA USPCC White Mountains and Portland
d00863 USA USPCC New York world's fair
d00864 USA USPCC Niagara Falls
d00865 USA USPCC Bridge
d00866 USA USPCC Capitol No.188
d00867 USA B&B State Flower of Colorado
d00868 USA B&B Fabulous Houston
d00869 USA USPCC Along The C.M.&St.Paul
d00870 USA B&B South Dakota
d00871 USA USPCC O'Callaghan's City of Chicago
d00872 USA B&B ?
d00873 USA USPCC Aristocrat
d00874 USA Merrimack Flowers
d00875 USA USPCC Maine
d00876 USA USPCC New Orleans and Gulf
d00877 USA USPCC Buffalo and Niagara Falls
d00879 USA USPCC Historic Boston & Vicinity
d00880 unknown unknown ?
d00881 USA USPCC Cuba
d00882 USA USPCC Yosemite Park
d00883 USA USPCC St.Louis World's Fair
d00884 Canada Goodall Picturesque Canada
d00885 Canada CPCC Montreal&Quebec
d00886 UK Goodall Canada Views
d00887 USA A.Dougherty Sebago
d00888 USA USPCC Indians of the Southwest
d00889 Argentina Guarany Guarany
d00890 USA USPCC ?
d00891 Belgium Geuens-Seaux Animal Tarot
d00892 USA B&B Trader Vic
d00893 Argentina Cappellano Tarok
d00894 Cuba unknown Cuba
d00895 Italy Modiano Tarocco
d00896 USA USPCC Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
d00897 Germany Cobi Cobi
d00898 USA W.W.Russell Recruits
d00899 Mexico C.Jacques Monumentos e imagenes de Mexico
d00900 Greece unknown Chalkidiki