No. country publisher name
d01201 Russia Printissa Crede experto
d01202 USA USPCC The Nile Fortune Cards
d01203 Canada Goodall Ocean to Ocean
d01204 unknown unknown ?
d01205 USA USPCC Initial No.54
d01206 USA unknown Chicago Fair
d01207 UK Goodall Rameses Fortune Telling
d01208 USA Standard PC standard
d01209 Belgium Van Genechten standard joker
d01210 Belgium Van Genechten standard joker
d01211 USA John J. Levy Jno.J.Levy, 177&179 Grand st., NY
d01212 Russia A.Zaraev Transcendential Tarot "Key of Hermes"
d01213 Russia A.Zaraev Tarot of Spiritual Evolution "Key of Hermes"
d01214 Italy Modiano Siciliane
d01215 Italy Modiano Napoletane
d01216 Switzerland AGMuller ?
d01217 Russia CPP Tarot of Fortune
d01218 France Heron Cartes Oracle
d01219 Russia Union Chernobil Harry Potter
d01220 China ZheJiang standard
d01221 France Grimaud An 2
d01222 China Hong Kong Famous Views of the World
d01223 India Hindustan Camara
d01224 USA USPCC standard joker
d01225 France Heron Jeu des Familles
d01226 France Grimaud standard joker
d01227 France Grimaud ?
d01228 Belgium Carta Mundi Story
d01229 France Grimaud La Fayette
d01230 France De Plus Petit-Bateau
d01231 Swiss AGMuller American Historical
d01232 Germany Andreas Haupold Breite Karte
d01233 France Dussere Jeu Jeanne d'Arc et Charles VII
d01234 Poland KZWP Coopexim
d01235 Poland KZWP No.410
d01236 Poland KZWP No.105
d01237 France Heron Air Mali
d01238 France Ducale Pari Strip
d01239 France Heron Pin-Up
d01240 USA Politicards Politicards
d01241 France Grimaud Croisades
d01242 Austria Piatnik Mlle Lenormand
d01243 Germany Industrie Comptoir Neue Schwerter Karte
d01244 France Grimaud Jeu Images d'Epinal
d01245 Belgium Carta Mundi StenaLine
d01246 Holland Hengelo The Devils Picturebook
d01247 China Unknown YingYang
d01248 Germany Schneider&Co. Islensk l'Hombre spil No.1
d01249 Belgium Carta Mundi Cheers from Belgium
d01250 USA USPCC Buster Brown
d01251 Belgium Mesmaekers Jeu des Allies
d01252 Belgium Mesmaekers L'Union fait la Force
d01253 Germany F.A. Lattmann Patience
d01254 Germany VSS Rhineland pattern
d01255 France Grimaud Jeu des Modes 1785-1805
d01256 France Grimaud Jeu des 4 Operas
d01257 USA USPCC Cadets No.343
d01258 New Zealand unknown TEAL
d01259 Belgium Biermans Calcutta
d01260 unknown unknown ?
d01261 USA UPCC Universal
d01262 USA UPCC Maple Grove
d01263 unknown unknown ?
d01264 Austria Piatnik ?
d01265 Germany Coeur Post
d01266 unknown unknown ?
d01267 unknown unknown ?
d01268 Belgium Mesmaekers standard joker
d01269 Portugal Maia No.21
d01270 UK British Heritage Victorian Advertising Posters
d01271 UK War Museum War Posters from WW1
d01272 USA R&M Army No.303
d01273 USA USPC-RM Picket No.515
d01274 France Catel and Farcy Jeu de Blocus
d01275 unknown unknown ?
d01276 Italy Solleone Cavaleggeri
d01277 USA USPCC Fauntleroy No.29
d01278 unknown unknown ?
d01279 Austria F.Adametz Wienerbild
d01280 Germany Jegel No.21
d01281 China ShangHai Theatre Mask
d01282 China ShangHai Potted Landscape
d01283 France Grimaud Zodiac
d01284 France A.Camoin standard joker
d01285 France Grimaud Hansi
d01286 France Grimaud Hector de Trois
d01287 France Philibert Paris story
d01288 France ? Lesbury Ltd. Strip Poker
d01289 Austria Titze & Schinkay Wienerbild
d01290 Latvia Lettlands ?
d01291 Sweden A. Boman ?
d01292 France Dussere Jeu Costumes des Metiers de N. De Larmwssin
d01293 France Grimaud Stanislav Duc de Lorraine et de Bar
d01294 Germany ASS Berlin pattern
d01295 Greece Greco Card Greek Mythology
d01296 Germany Karo Berlin pattern
d01297 Spain Fournier standard joker
d01298 Belgium Carta Mundi Aces&Eights
d01299 France Grimaud d'Aluette
d01300 Germany Bielefelder Berliner pattern