No. country publisher name
d01801 Germany Azelt Trappola
d01802 Belgium Daveluy Animal Tarot
d01803 USA USPCC The Witches Fortune Cards
d01804 France Acanthe Surrealistic
d01805 Denmark Handa Midgarsurmur
d01806 Belgium L. Biermans Jeu des Allies
d01807 USA USPCC United States Graphiti Co.
d01808 Brasil Copag ?
d01809 USA USPn Treasury
d01810 USA Russell&Morgan Army&Navy
d01811 Germany ASS Reval Cigaretten
d01812 USA USPCC Sporsman's
d01813 unknown unknown ?
d01814 USA Meyer Brothers St.Louis Fair 1903
d01815 USA unknown CCDM
d01816 USA unknown House of 1000 Corpses
d01817 USA Milton Bradley Rumme
d01818 unknown unknown ?
d01819 USA unknown President
d01820 USA Eagle Card Co Heathen Chinee
d01821 USA unknown ?
d01822 USA Eagle Card Co Saml. Cupples&Co.
d01823 USA V.E.Mauger standard
d01824 USA Perfection Tip-Top No.350
d01825 USA unknown ?
d01826 USA Russell&Morgan Army&Navy
d01827 France Grimaud La Grande Armee
d01828 USA Scalp Scalp
d01829 USA unknown ?
d01830 Canada Union Card&Paper Golfer No.22
d01831 USA USPCC Chas.A.Stevens&Bros.
d01832 USA unknown ?
d01833 Austria E.Knepper&Co. "Ballerina Tarock"
d01834 USA unknown Washburn
d01835 USA USPCC Ohio Knife Co.
d01836 USA NYCC Nestor
d01837 USA unknown Pabst
d01838 USA B&B Mazda Lamps
d01839 USA unknown La Perle
d01840 USA unknown Mrs. Baird's Bread
d01841 USA unknown ?
d01842 USA A.Dougherty Steamboat No.0
d01843 USA USPCC Peau-Doux
d01844 USA NYCC Squeezers No.35
d01845 USA ABN Whist No.454
d01846 USA USPCC Eli Cutter
d01847 USA unknown Player's Navy Cut cigarettes
d01848 Belgium unknown Lexington cigarettes
d01849 Germany ASS Philip Otto Runge
d01850 Germany Dondorf De Vroolijke Zwarte Piet
d01851 Germany Dondorf Luxusspiel No.75
d01852 Germany Wuest ?
d01853 Argentina The 353 PCC History of the War
d01854 France Philibert Proverbes
d01855 France Hangard Mauge Cartes Historiques
d01856 Holland Van de Berg Hearts
d01857 Holland Drukkerij M.Spruijt Speelkaarten
d01858 UK Goodall Khanhoo
d01859 UK Goodall Fumsup
d01860 UK Goodall Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
d01861 Swiss Muller Costumes nationaux suisses
d01862 USA unknown To play the Merry game of Old Maid
d01863 Austria Adametz patience
d01864 Italia Dal Negro Salzburger
d01865 Italia Dal Negro I Tarocchini
d01866 UK Goodall Irish
d01867 UK E.M.Lewis Greek Myths
d01868 Germany ASS Iceland
d01869 Denmark S.Salomon&Co Holmblads Spillekort Forretning
d01870 China Hong Kong Esquire
d01871 Germany VSS Berlin pattern
d01872 Belgium Van Genechten Atodos Alumbra
d01873 Germany Berliner Hohner
d01874 USA USPCC Steambot No. 999
d01875 Russia Success The centre of Russia
d01876 Russia RusJoker Golden Ring
d01877 China unknown Cyborg Kuro
d01878 USA Russell&Morgan Congress No. 404&No. 606
d01879 China AAA Empire of cards: Hunter's
d01880 Russia Union Chernobil Our lovers 2
d01881 Belgium Carta Mundi Orgel Museum
d01882 Portugal Instituto Joanni V Magnifico
d01883 France unknown Les Petits Coraya
d01884 China unknown Cultural Relics
d01885 Egypt unknown Hathor
d01886 Denmark S.Salomon&Co Holmblads 121
d01887 Italy unknown ?
d01888 UK Universal Japanesse
d01889 Belgium Carta Mundi D’Apres les Origiaux
d01890 USA Whitman Old Maid
d01891 France Philibert Pierres Precieuses
d01892 Russia unknown handmade
d01893 USA Brown&Bigelow Quick on the draw
d01894 USA USPCC The only way
d01895 Germany Dusseldorfer Kolnen Bank
d01896 Holland SFN Hollandia A
d01897 USA Army Soviet World Recognition
d01898 Belgium Carta Mundi The Cartoonists’ Pack
d01899 USA Ed-U-Cards The Green Hornet
d01900 USA Brown&Bigelow Rowan & Martin's Laugh