No. country publisher name
d01901 Russia CPP ?
d01902 Germany C.L.Wuest War Game of the German Liberation
d01903 USA USPCC Play Time
d01904 Russia CPP Gun
d01905 Sweden Akerlund Royal
d01906 USA W.W.Russell Regents
d01907 Taiwan unknown Eva Air
d01908 USA W.W.Russell Regulars
d01909 USA W.W.Russell Mogul
d01910 USA W.W.Russell Blue Ribbon
d01911 USA SPCC Rembrandts
d01912 USA Russell Battle Axe No.822
d01913 USA USPCC Play-Well
d01914 USA Chinatown Stag Party
d01915 USA Gibson Gibson Slims
d01916 Austria Piatnik Witmen und Waisenhaus-Whist
d01917 China AAA Empire of cards: Sport Stars
d01918 Germany? unknown ZeeWeed
d01919 Belgium Carta Mundi Dwarfs
d01920 Belgium Carta Mundi Comic
d01921 Belgium BEJC BEJC 15 anniversary
d01922 USA unknown Baltimore&Ohio Railroad
d01923 USA USPCC Overland Route
d01924 USA SPCC Washington Views
d01925 USA USPCC Southern Pacific Lines
d01926 USA USPCC Eastern Division Great Lakes
d01927 USA USPCC Vistas de Lima Peru
d01928 USA USPCC Mountain States
d01929 USA USPCC Saint Joseph, Missouri
d01930 USA USPCC Old Masters Coffee
d01931 USA USPCC Pittsburg
d01932 USA USPCC Columbia River Highway
d01933 USA USPCC Umpire
d01934 USA USPCC Lyndon B. Johnson Texas
d01935 USA unknown Red Tip
d01936 USA Levis&Cook Play-n-Lern
d01937 USA Telbax Telbax
d01938 USA unknown Marstonís special Whist
d01939 USA SPCC Park Lane Hotel
d01940 USA Union PCC Sporting
d01941 USA SPCC Airship No.909
d01942 USA USPCC Golden West
d01943 UK M.E. Lewis Alice Millenium
d01944 Germany Lattmann Die Schone Welt
d01945 USA Russell PCC Mogul No.100
d01946 USA Russell PCC Blue Ribbon
d01947 USA Russell PCC Rustlers
d01948 USA Russell PCC Steamboat No.7-11
d01949 USA Russell PCC Cricet No.03
d01950 USA Russell PCC Liberty
d01951 USA Russell PCC standard
d01952 USA Russell PCC RPCCo.
d01953 USA Kalamazoo Steamboat No.666
d01954 USA Kalamazoo St.Louis Playing Card Co.
d01955 USA Kalamazoo Success No.28
d01956 USA Kalamazoo Goldfield
d01957 USA Kalamazoo Chancellor Club No.228
d01958 USA Kalamazoo Monte Carlo No.528
d01959 USA Kalamazoo Square Deal No.06
d01960 USA Kalamazoo Lily No.528
d01961 USA Kalamazoo Whig King
d01962 USA Kalamazoo Lilac Whist
d01963 USA Kalamazoo Fads and Fancies No.150
d01964 USA Arrco Service
d01965 Russia handmade Camp "Udarnik"
d01966 Russia CPP Card caramel
d01967 Russia unknown ?
d01968 Russia P.Barsky Little Lenormand
d01969 Russia CPP Romanoff dynasty
d01970 Russia unknown Flower cartomancy
d01971 Russia Popov Ornitomancy
d01972 Russia unknown Russian alphabet
d01973 Russia unknown Lenormand
d01974 France Grimaud Union of Russia&France
d01975 Germany Schluter ?
d01976 Finland F.Tilgman ?
d01977 Russia Premiere Pop Stars
d01978 Russia Premiere Power Rangers
d01979 Russia Premiere The Simpsons
d01980 Russia Union Chernobil Star Fabrique
d01981 Russia Premiere Lovely Animals
d01982 Belgium Carta Mundi Academia Catavencu
d01983 France Grimaud Jeu des Familles Souveraines
d01984 France Grimaud Le Petit Cartomancien
d01985 Belgium Carta Mundi Cards For Kids
d01986 Germany IC Fine Children's Playing Cards
d01987 Germany ASS Revolution
d01988 Mexico Guerrero Taurino
d01989 Latvia Valstspapiru ?
d01990 China ZheJiang Golden Girl
d01991 Hungary Offset Hungarian Costumes in Middle Ages I
d01992 USA USPCC Cincinnati Reds
d01993 Germany ASS Waldeck
d01994 Czechia Ceska Graficka Bohemian pattern
d01995 Swiss Gassmann Tarot of Marseilles
d01996 China ShangHai ShangHai Playing card printery
d01997 Germany A bis z-Print Die Merseburger Dauskarte
d01998 Germany J.Wolff Occupations
d01999 Germany A.Goebl Bavarian Animal Tarot
d02000 Germany A.Haupold Military Tarock