No. country publisher name
d02801 Austria Piatnik Art Pack
d02802 Austria Piatnik Brocades
d02803 Italy Modiano Wiener bild
d02804 Spain Fournier The nude in classical art
d02805 Turkey unknown Turkey
d02806 Taiwan unknown Invisible
d02807 China unknown M&M's
d02808 China ZheJiang Car
d02809 China ZheJiang Water and mountain
d02810 Scotland Dalvey Dalvey
d02811 Greece Coliopoulou Greetings from Cyprus
d02812 Belgium Carta Mundi Millenium
d02813 Belgium Carta Mundi Shakespeare
d02814 France Grimaud Sanders
d02815 Germany Flemming Saechsisches Doppelbild
d02816 UK IPCS Transformation
d02817 Russia Premiere Monster Corporation
d02818 Russia Premiere Shrek
d02819 Russia Premiere Counter-Strike
d02820 Russia Union Chernobil Animals and Stars
d02821 China Yiwu World Currency
d02822 Czechia Kolin Intersigma
d02823 USA J. Feyer The Times of Kamehameha
d02824 Monaco Presage The James Joyce
d02825 USA USPCC Strange People
d02826 USA unknown Winnipeg
d02827 USA Stancraft Trip Trap
d02828 Germany ASS Flut 1997
d02829 Germany ASS GdP
d02830 Germany Coeur Berliner Verlag I
d02831 Holland unknown Hank
d02832 unknown unknown ?
d02833 China Hong Kong Swallow No.266
d02834 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Budel
d02835 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Zwijndrecht
d02836 Belgium Carta Mundi Tijlfeesten Turnhout
d02837 Belgium Carta Mundi De Rijnstroom
d02838 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Littenseradiel
d02839 Austria Piatnik Mary Queen of Scots
d02840 Austria Piatnik Impressionist Masterpieces
d02841 USA USPCC Caravan
d02842 Belgium Carta Mundi Forte D'Oro
d02843 Poland KZWP standard
d02844 Belgium Carta Mundi Qantas
d02845 Swiss AGMuller standard
d02846 Germany F.X.Schmid Rhineland Pattern
d02847 USA Brown&Bigelow standard
d02848 Belgium Carta Mundi Virginia Jubilee
d02849 Italy unknown Canon
d02850 Italy unknown Alfa Romeo
d02851 Belgium Carta Mundi 007
d02852 Spain Maestros standard
d02853 Italy unknown AssItalia
d02854 Italy Cambissa Italtransport
d02855 Taiwan unknown Kinlux
d02856 USA B&B ?
d02857 China unknown ?
d02858 UK Falcon standard
d02859 USA USPCC standard
d02860 Italy unknown Versace
d02861 Belgium Carta Mundi Story
d02862 USA USPCC De Ville
d02863 UK EPC Black Box
d02864 Italy Modiano Modo 90
d02865 China unknown Playing Cards No.6359
d02866 Germany Heinrich Schwars Rixdorfer
d02867 Italy Lo Scarabeo History of flight
d02868 Italy Lo Scarabeo Ancient Egypt
d02869 Taiwan unknown Final Fantasy-8
d02870 Russia Union Chernobil Football. Euro 2004
d02871 Russia Union Chernobil Futurama
d02872 Germany Coeur VEB Kombinat Haushaltgerate
d02873 Taiwan unknown Ah!my goddes
d02874 Italy A.Viassone Junior Dental
d02875 Germany F. X. Schmid Fraenkisches Doppelbild
d02876 Germany F. X. Schmid Preussisches Doppelbild
d02878 Germany Lattmann Preussisches Doppelbild
d02879 Australia Spicers Paper standard
d02880 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Delfzijl
d02881 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Aalsmeer
d02882 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Huissen
d02883 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Lokeren
d02884 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Hengelo Gld
d02885 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Meijel
d02886 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Helden
d02887 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Horst
d02888 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Arnhem
d02890 Belgium Carta Mundi Exotic Birds
d02891 Belgium Carta Mundi Parendal
d02893 Japan Nintendo Toyopet Crown
d02894 Belgium Carta Mundi Van Net Noc
d02895 Belgium Carta Mundi Film Club
d02896 Italy unknown Festival Fiat 85
d02897 Italy Italcards Venezia
d02899 USA USPCC Bee Hotel&Casino
d02900 USA unknown Decco