No. country publisher name
d03401 Japan Angel Ukiyoe
d03402 USA USPCC Little Duke No.24
d03403 Austria Piatnik Impressionist Portraits
d03404 Russia A.Lutkovsky Playing Cards smallest in the World
d03405 USA Kling magnetic Kling magnetic
d03406 China ZheJiang standard
d03407 China AAA Empire of cards:List of predicts
d03408 Belgium Carta Mundi Spartacus
d03409 Belgium Carta Mundi Ennia
d03410 China ZheJiang Baowang
d03411 China ZheJiang Miss World
d03412 China ZheJiang Dongyangjiali
d03413 Russia Union Chernobil standard
d03414 Egypt Philopater Press Pharaonic
d03415 Egypt Philopater Press Pharaonic
d03416 Greece Dimitris Haitalis Sex in ancient Greece
d03417 Greece Dimitris Haitalis Greek Mythology
d03418 Belgium Carta Mundi French&English Sign-language
d03419 Austria Aloysi Hofman Trappola
d03420 Austria C.Titze&Schinkay Salzburger bild
d03421 Austria J.Glanz Prager Doppel-Deutsche Bild
d03422 Belgium Carta Mundi standard
d03423 Austria Piatnik Raddreher bild
d03424 Austria Carl Holdhaus Wiener Volkstypen Tarock No.1113
d03425 Belgium J.De Porre Animal Tarot
d03426 China ZheJiang Yingwang
d03427 Italy Il Meneghello Italia Nuova
d03428 Italy Giuseppe Bendelli South Tyrol Animal (or Hunting) Tarot
d03429 Italy Al Soldato Piacenza pattern
d03430 Italy Germano Natali Piacenza pattern Intermediate
d03431 Italy BM Early Sicily pattern
d03432 Italy Fabrica Adami Florence II pattern
d03433 Italy Faustino Solesio Small Tuscan pattern
d03434 Italy Chiari Florence III pattern
d03435 Italy Edoardo Dotti Milan (or Dellarocca) Tarot
d03436 Germany Backofen Bavarian Animal Tarot
d03437 Germany Mann Bavarian Animal Tarot
d03438 Germany unknown Baltic (or Land&Sea)Tarot
d03439 Germany Moritz Stoeckel Internationales Bild
d03440 Germany W.Tiratscheck Silesian Wars of 1740-45
d03441 Germany Boehme Military Tarot
d03442 France Bouvier Rouen I pattern
d03443 France C.J.Carrajat Dauphine pattern
d03444 Italy Gentilini&Zoya Dauphine pattern
d03445 France Sellon Spanish National pattern
d03446 France Louis Millieu Toulouse/Gerona pattern
d03447 France Pierre Barbey Natural History
d03448 France Jean Gisaine Paris pattern
d03449 France Jean Vianey Lyon I pattern
d03450 UK Bowles Proverb
d03451 USA USPCC Flags
d03452 USA Las Vegas Casino Sexy Guess Playing Card Catalog
d03453 USA Brown&Bigelow Miles 1884-1984
d03454 UK Rowley&Co. ?
d03455 USA USPCC Yellowstone
d03456 Spain Naipes Comas Masters of Painting
d03457 William Lawson's
d03458 Czechia Jacob Wokaun Trappola
d03459 Czechia Jacob Wokaun Upper Austrian Animal Tarot
d03460 Swiss F.B. Schaer National Swiss pattern
d03461 Hungary Johann Giergl Sopron (Oedenburg) pattern
d03462 Hungary Johann Giergl Spiel-Karten-Kalendar
d03463 Austria Karl Albrecht Fruehes Tiroler Bild
d03464 UK Peter Wood 2000 pips
d03465 UK Peter Wood Wild!
d03466 UK Peter Wood Goblins and ...!
d03467 UK Peter Wood Hidden Mickeys
d03468 UK Peter Wood The Goblin Tarot
d03469 UK Peter Wood Pack of pearls
d03470 UK Peter Wood Jest Jokers
d03471 USA Novelties Mfg Cherchez La Femme
d03472 USA Novelties Mfg Models of all Nations & Lucky Chips
d03473 UK unknown What The Butler Saw
d03474 UK Croxall Aesop's Fables
d03475 UK Reynolds&Sons Character
d03476 Holland H.H.W.Leliman DAS
d03477 Holland Andre Vlaanderen Something of Everything
d03478 UK Carington Bowles The South Sea Bubble
d03479 UK different Nursery Rhymes
d03480 UK different standard deck
d03481 UK Woolley&Co. standard deck
d03482 UK Bancks Brothers standard deck
d03483 UK Joseph Hunt&Sons Great Mogul
d03484 UK Reynolds&Sons standard deck
d03485 UK I. Hardy Great Mogul
d03486 UK W.H.Willis&Co. standard deck
d03487 UK T.Wheeler standard deck
d03488 UK Henry Hall&Son Great Mogul
d03489 UK unknown Whist
d03490 UK unknown standard deck
d03491 Russia AKM Peterhof
d03492 Russia AKM Saint-Petersburg
d03493 Russia Union Chernobil Night patrol
d03494 Russia Union Chernobil Shrek 2
d03495 Russia Union Chernobil Tom and Jerry
d03496 Russia Union Chernobil MaJong
d03497 Russia Union Chernobil Playing Cards
d03498 Swiss AGMuller Modern Swiss Pattern
d03499 USA Novelty PC Christmas Cards
d03500 China ZheJiang standard deck for Denmark