No. country publisher name
d03901 USA Hoyle Snoopy
d03902 USA Hoyle PEANUTS
d03903 USA Hoyle Jack Daniels No.7 whisky
d03904 USA USPCC Hanna-Barbera
d03905 USA USPCC Worner Bros., Animaniacs
d03906 USA USPCC Worner Bros.
d03907 USA USPCC Loony Tunes
d03908 USA USPCC A bug's life
d03909 USA USPCC Christmas
d03910 USA USPCC Motorcycles "Harley-Davidson
d03911 USA USPCC BudSports
d03912 NZealand Dickinson standard
d03913 Mexico Pasatiempos standard
d03914 USA Hallmark standard
d03915 Belgium Carta Mundi The Famous Dogs
d03916 Belgium L.Biermans standard
d03917 Belgium Mesmaekers standard
d03918 Belgium Genechten standard
d03919 Belgium Genechten Martini
d03920 Belgium Carta Mundi Bier Heineken
d03921 Belgium Carta Mundi Le Tierce
d03922 Belgium Carta Mundi P
d03923 China ZheJiang Hong Ju
d03924 France Grimaud Back to the USSR
d03925 France Grimaud The Elect
d03926 Denmark Salomon&Co. National No.175
d03927 Germany Coeur Heise
d03928 Germany Bielefelder Souvenir
d03929 Austria Glanz ?
d03930 Austria Piatnik Arik Brauer
d03931 Russia CPP Historical
d03932 Russia CPP Spartacus
d03933 Russia CPP Diana
d03934 Russia CPP Commander
d03935 China ZheJiang Dongfang
d03936 China ZheJiang Xiandaishaonugaoji
d03937 China ZheJiang Yinhuashaonu
d03938 China ZheJiang Sinstar
d03939 China ZheJiang Mermaid jokers
d03940 China ZheJiang standard
d03941 China Hong Kong ABC Round
d03942 Spain Fournier standard
d03943 Spain Naipes Comas standard
d03944 UK De La Rue standard
d03945 UK De La Rue Ethiopia
d03946 Germany Heidelberg Lacquer
d03947 Germany F.X.Schmid standard
d03948 Germany Ravensburger Rucki Zucki
d03949 Germany Ravensburger Nur Mut
d03950 Egypt unknown ?
d03951 Egypt unknown Papyrus Cards
d03952 Egypt unknown Pharaonic
d03953 Egypt unknown Old Egypt Souvenirs
d03954 Egypt unknown Pharaonic
d03955 Egypt unknown ?
d03956 Egypt unknown ?
d03957 Egypt unknown Red Sea
d03958 Belgium Carta Mundi Manniken Pis
d03959 Maldives Mosraab Fish Playing cards
d03960 Maldives Novelty printers Reef fishes of Maldives
d03961 Maldives Novelty printers Maldives Pictorial
d03962 Maldives Fantasy Maldives Pictorial
d03963 Russia Union Chernobil Playboy
d03965 Russia Union Chernobil El Clon
d03966 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Egyptian"
d03967 Russia Union Chernobil Fire Dragon
d03968 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Arabic"
d03969 Italy Lo Scarabeo Russian Tales
d03970 USA Jazaniah Ford Lafayette
d03971 USA USPCC Portland by the sea
d03972 USA unknown Kaufmann&Baer
d03973 USA Morgan Press Colonial Art
d03974 USA The Chippendales Chippendales
d03975 Irland Irish Hospice Art Pack
d03976 USA USPCC Philitis
d03977 USA A.H.Caffee Comic Political
d03978 Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot of the Master
d03979 Italy Lo Scarabeo Egyptian Tarot
d03980 Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot Floral
d03981 USA USGS Angel meditations
d03982 Russia Nirvana Astro-Tarot
d03983 USA USGS Hudes Tarot
d03984 USA Hay House Healing with the Angels
d03985 USA USGS Barbara Walker Tarot
d03986 USA USGS Tarot of the Trance
d03987 USA USGS Spiral Tarot
d03988 Russia Nirvana Tao Oracle
d03989 Russia Nirvana Tarot of the Spirit
d03990 USA Kinney Kinney Tobacco Transformation
d03991 Japan unknown Diamond Cards
d03992 France Miro Ciel de France
d03993 Italy Siaca Ermina Mascoli
d03994 Italy Lo Scarabeo Antica Sibilla Italiana
d03995 Italy Lo Scarabeo Animal Lords Tarot
d03996 Italy Lo Scarabeo Le Carte del Karma
d03997 Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot of the Journey to the Orient (Marco Polo Tarot)
d03998 Italy Lo Scarabeo Ramses Tarot of Eternity
d03999 China ZheJiang No.8828 Playing Cards
d04000 Greece unknown Greek Lovers