No. country publisher name
d05201 Germany Bielefelder VW
d05202 Germany Bielefelder Berliner Morgenpost
d05203 Belgium Carta Mundi official Olympic Games deck (for Greece)
d05204 Belgium Carta Mundi Military uniforms of the 19th Century
d05205 Germany Industrie-Comptoir ?
d05206 Germany C.L.Wuest ?
d05207 UK Goodall standard French style
d05208 USA Kalamazoo PB Cotton Belt Route Railroad
d05209 USA Perfection Rooster
d05210 USA Perfection Perfection
d05211 USA
d05212 USA Perfection Leader No.325
d05213 USA Perfection Boxer
d05214 UK Wooley&Sabine Great Mogul
d05215 UK James English standard
d05216 UK handmade Thackeray Transformation
d05217 USA USPCC Flowers
d05218 USA USPCC Birds
d05219 USA USPCC Authors
d05220 USA USPCC Illustrated Mythology
d05221 USA USPCC White Squadron
d05222 USA USPCC New Testament Game
d05223 USA USPCC Young Folks' Favorite Authors
d05224 USA USPCC Poems
d05225 USA USPCC The Mayflower
d05226 Germany F.A.Lattmann Whist superfine de portraits
d05227 China HongKong Poker Club
d05228 China HangZhou Elephant
d05229 Russia artwork Barrayar
d05230 Canada Monogrammatiks Novelty Card Co. Original Pips Deck
d05231 Germany G.M.Neumann ?
d05232 Russia Printissa I-Teco
d05233 Russia Printissa Versal
d05234 Czechia Kolin Horniche Karty
d05235 Italy Lorenzo di Lorenzo Tarocco Siciliano
d05236 Italy Modiano Tarocco Siciliano
d05237 Italy La Fortuna Tarocco Siciliano
d05238 Italy Tuzzolino Tarocco Siciliano
d05239 Italy Concetta Campione Tarocco Siciliano
d05240 Iran handmade Farschian Fortune-Telling Cards
d05241 Russia Printissa Mart Trading
d05242 Russia Avvallon Tarot of the 78 doors
d05243 Italy Lo Scarabeo The Fairy Tarots
d05244 Italy Lo Scarabeo I Ching
d05245 Italy Lo Scarabeo Universal Tarot
d05246 Italy Lo Scarabeo I Ching of Love
d05247 Italy Lo Scarabeo Dragons Tarot
d05248 Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot of Druids
d05249 Italy Lo Scarabeo Fey Tarot
d05250 USA USGS Unicorn Tarot
d05251 USA USGS Whimsical Tarot
d05252 USA USGS The Zerner&Farber Tarot
d05253 USA USGS Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
d05254 USA Llewellyn Gypsy Fortune Telling Tarot
d05255 Italy A.Viassone Il vostro Destino
d05256 USA Standard Card Co. ?
d05257 unknown unknown French's potato products
d05259 Holland Geeris Luijk Speelse kaarten
d05260 USA Gibson Master Bridge Deal Cards
d05262 USA Arrco Boxer
d05263 USA Gibson The Gay Nineties
d05264 USA unknown HP Neely sales division
d05265 USA unknown R.W.Hull
d05266 UK Hart standard
d05267 UK unknown Prince's Tudor Lounge
d05269 USA unknown ?
d05270 USA unknown Blanke's Faust Blend Coffee
d05271 unknown unknown ?
d05273 unknown unknown Harrods
d05274 Mexico La Cubana Bridge Professional
d05275 Mexico La Cubana ?
d05276 unknown unknown ?
d05278 USA unknown Nunn-Bush
d05280 UK Waddington ?
d05281 unknown unknown ?
d05282 UK unknown Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
d05283 unknown unknown Frysbis
d05284 unknown unknown ?
d05285 unknown unknown Electronic Component Distribution
d05286 UK Waddington Wiggins Teape
d05287 unknown unknown ?
d05288 USA B&B Philadelphia
d05289 USA B&B Greyhound Bus Lines
d05290 USA USPCC Frisco
d05291 USA unknown Cosmos Lamps
d05292 unknown unknown ?
d05293 unknown unknown ?
d05294 USA Arrco Nylotone
d05295 Japan unknown Soichiro
d05296 USA Western PCC Invincible
d05297 USA Criterion PCC standard
d05298 USA Atlas PCC ?
d05299 unknown unknown AEI