No. country publisher name
d05302 UK unknown The Blue Funnel Line
d05303 unknown unknown ?
d05304 UK unknown Association of Conservative clubs
d05306 UK unknown Plafair
d05307 Russia unknown Moscow building
d05308 Mongolia unknown Mongolia
d05311 USA USGS Victorian
d05312 unknown unknown Monarch
d05313 Sweden unknown H&M
d05314 unknown unknown Esquire
d05315 unknown unknown ?
d05316 UK unknown Haig
d05317 unknown unknown ?
d05318 unknown unknown ?
d05320 USA USPCC Evinrude
d05321 unknown unknown Germ Oils
d05322 USA Ivory Your golf games in big trouble
d05324 unknown unknown Earle's Cement
d05325 USA unknown Manchester Carborundum
d05326 USA unknown The National Building Society
d05327 unknown unknown ?
d05328 USA USPCC Monogram
d05329 unknown unknown ?
d05330 unknown unknown ?
d05331 unknown unknown Holdens Protective Enamel Paints
d05332 unknown unknown Formica
d05333 unknown unknown ?
d05334 unknown unknown Korean Air
d05335 Germany Coeur Bridge-Poker No.195
d05336 UK DeLaRue Crown
d05339 UK unknown British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
d05340 UK unknown Southern Prince Line
d05341 Japan Angel ?
d05342 USA American PCC Rock Island Route
d05343 USA Western Press Green River Whiskies
d05344 Ukraine unknown House 2
d05345 unknown unknown Smith's Potato Crisps
d05346 Germany C.L.Wuest Hamburg-Amerika Linie
d05347 USA NYCCC Dandy Fifth
d05348 USA Brown&Bigelow Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Pacific Railroad
d05349 USA USPCC Clubs
d05350 USA USPCC The Union Label
d05351 China Hong Kong Junior No. SF-111
d05352 Germany Edition Leipzig The Copperplate Pack of Cards by Virgil Solis
d05353 France Grimaud World Exhibition of 1878
d05354 Switzerland AGMuller Troubadour
d05355 Switzerland C.H. Freiburger Bild
d05356 Switzerland Pierre Ameau standard
d05357 Switzerland Claude Rochais Tiertarock
d05358 France Jean Pouns Spanish National pattern
d05359 France Passot standard
d05360 France Ionet standard
d05361 France different Tarot of Marseille
d05362 France Thomas Almaury Coat of Arms
d05363 France Jhamphoux standard
d05364 France unknown Geography
d05365 France Bezu Grand Etteilla
d05366 France unknown Le Grand Jeu de Geographie
d05367 France Arnoult standard
d05368 France V.Dambrin Marriage of the Duke of Berry
d05369 France unknown Fortune-telling
d05370 France Alphonse Arnould Spanish National Pattern
d05371 France unknown Marriage
d05372 France Ernest Meyer Hispano-Americanos
d05373 France Beyer Period Costume
d05374 France Dumoitier standard
d05375 France Le Bourgeois Jeu Imperial
d05376 France Grimaud Fortune-telling
d05377 France J.Gaudais Tarot
d05378 France Grimaud Tarot
d05379 France Grimaud Tarot of Marseilles
d05380 France Grimaud Classical  Deities Tarot
d05381 France Tip.Vert Fortune-telling
d05382 France Willeb Tarot
d05383 Poland Dertor Rexroth Bosch Group
d05384 France Tip.Vert Translucent
d05385 France Banco Cartes de Grand Luxe
d05387 France Heron Ecole Polytechnique
d05388 France Sodirep Les Quatre Saisons
d05389 France France Cards De Gaulle
d05390 France A.Fayet&Co. Noveaux Portraits of Paris
d05391 France Grimaud La Rayonnante
d05392 France Le Triboulet Des Copains
d05393 France Kodak Kodak-Pathe
d05394 France Grimaud Billman
d05396 France Grimaud Bally France
d05397 France Heron L'Oreal Coiffure
d05398 France Heron Porcher
d05399 France Heron Rousselot
d05400 France Heron Courvoisier