No. country publisher name
d05701 USA Standard PCC Standard Playing Card Co.
d05702 USA Standard PCC J.I.Austen Company
d05703 USA Standard PCC Crescent PCC
d05704 USA Standard PCC Thistle
d05705 USA Standard PCC Colonial
d05706 USA Standard PCC Nugget No.193
d05707 USA Standard PCC Magican brand J
d05708 USA Standard PCC Bay State Card Co.
d05709 USA Standard PCC Judge 97
d05710 USA Standard PCC Regal
d05711 USA Standard PCC Steamboats
d05712 USA Standard PCC Standard Playing Card Co.
d05713 USA Standard PCC Little Jo
d05714 USA Standard PCC Liberty Bell No.1776
d05715 USA USPCC Population
d05716 USA Standard PCC Valor
d05717 USA USPCC Norwood No.85
d05718 USA USPCC Mystic No.888
d05719 Germany Joseph Losch Chur Ober-Pfälzische Französisch Karten
d05720 USA NYCC George B.Hurd
d05721 USA USPCC Bill Nye The Science Guy
d05722 Germany Industrie-Comptoir Tarock
d05723 Germany A.Goebl Tarock
d05724 Russia Union Chernobil Shark Tale
d05725 Russia Union Chernobil Ice Age 2
d05726 Russia Union Chernobil Crazy Frog Racer
d05727 Spain Fournier Pin-Up
d05728 Italy Vindobona Piacentine
d05729 Italy Faustino Solesio Florentine
d05730 USA USPCC Sextet
d05731 USA USPCC Olympic Eagle
d05732 USA Five Star Five Star
d05733 Germany Ruedel Einigkeit Macht Stark
d05734 USA J.L.Brown W.C.Fields Commemorative
d05735 USA handmade transformation
d05736 Italy RotalSele Sicilia
d05737 Italy Vito Arienti I Tarocchi di Enzo Viviani
d05738 UK Karl Gerich Merry Andrews
d05739 Australia Reed Paper Midget
d05740 USA Arrco Springmaid Fabrics
d05741 USA USPCC Bicycle
d05742 Poland unknown Soplica
d05743 Poland unknown Krakus
d05744 USA Bill Schoeder Lost Propaganda Posters of WWII
d05745 USA USPCC Bratz Genie Magic
d05746 USA USPCC American Flag
d05747 USA Hoyle Stars of Country Music
d05748 Germany unknown Fabelspiel
d05749 Holland ANWB ANWB
d05750 Italy Lo Scarabeo The Sun King
d05751 Russia Zaichenko The String of Destiny
d05752 Russia Zaichenko Oracle mademoiselle Lenormand with astrological symbols
d05753 Russia Nirvana Runes
d05754 Russia Rosa Baro
d05755 France De Vecchi S.A. Les cartes des planetes
d05756 Swiss AGMuller Universal Love
d05757 Italy Lo Scarabeo Cards of Love
d05758 Italy Lo Scarabeo Golden Tarot of Klimt
d05759 USA Workman Baseball Tarot
d05760 Spain unknown Labyrinth Tarot
d05761 Italy Roberto Meiattini Tarocco erotico dei giardini di priapo
d05762 Italy Lo Scarabeo Gulliver
d05763 Italy Lo Scarabeo Circus
d05764 China Hong Kong Superfly
d05765 China Shanghai Journey to the West
d05766 China
d05767 China ZheJiang Lu's World
d05768 USA USPCC Aircraft Spotter
d05769 Germany Gebr. Bechstein Saechsisches Bild
d05770 Australia Hema Maps Papua New Guinea
d05771 Australia Hema Maps Tasmania
d05772 China ZheJiang Virginia City
d05773 Australia Steve Parish Wildlife
d05774 Australia Steve Parish Wildflowers
d05775 Germany Berliner Poker
d05776 China Hong Kong 007 VIP
d05777 India unknown India's Biggest Travel Show
d05778 Holland Present Time PT,
d05779 Belgium Carta Mundi Brugge
d05780 Austria Piatnik UKIYO-E
d05781 Hong Kong Windmill PC standard
d05782 China unknown Beautifull Birds
d05783 Belgium Carta Mundi Ergomia
d05784 Austria Piatnik Mucha
d05785 Germany unknown Diddl Mouse
d05786 USA Deere&Co. John Deere
d05787 UK Waddington Historical Characters
d05788 UK Richard Edward Goodall standard
d05789 USA USPCC Coca Cola Good Taste
d05790 China Hong Kong Coca Cola
d05791 USA unknown Sheldon's Fortune Telling Cards
d05792 Belgium Carta Mundi Het Hockey Kaart - en Kwartetspel
d05793 USA USPCC Elvis Presley
d05794 USA Brown&Bigelow International Petroleum Exposition
d05795 China Hong Kong Dai Di King
d05796 Germany unknown Darmstaedter Bild
d05797 Germany unknown Darmstaedter Bild
d05798 Germany J.G. Felser Augsburger Bild
d05800 Brasil Forcel Pecas Spanish National Pattern