No. country publisher name
d05901 USA Ward's IVY League
d05904 USA USPCC Paracote
d05905 USA USPCC 1939 NY Worlds Fair
d05906 USA B&B Pan American World Airways
d05907 USA USPCC Puck Rye
d05908 Belgium L.Biermans Sandeman&Co.
d05909 China unknown Shark Tale
d05911 China unknown Micky Mouse
d05912 USA USPCC Peanuts
d05913 USA unknown Strand
d05914 China unknown The Incredibles
d05915 Holland Blikvanger Holland
d05916 Poland Karpalit Lemberg pattern
d05917 China unknown ?
d05918 UK Next Next
d05919 UK Next Next
d05920 unknown unknown ?
d05921 unknown unknown Star Lagerbeer
d05922 unknown unknown ?
d05923 Japan Nintendo standard
d05924 Japan Nintendo Yashica
d05925 Japan Nintendo Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
d05926 NZ A.D.Willis standard
d05927 Spain unknown Pin-up
d05928 Belgium Carta Mundi ?
d05929 Germany unknown Wagner
d05930 Finland Nelostuote Kainuunhoiva
d05931 USA privat Ada Reeve
d05932 Argentina E.Flaibian Paisanito
d05933 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Zandvliet (B)
d05934 Poland unknown set of souvenir jokers
d05935 Poland KZWP standard
d05936 Poland KZWP standard
d05937 Poland KZWP standard
d05938 Poland unknown Glos Szczecinski
d05939 Poland unknown Fable "Good Evil"
d05940 Poland unknown Crakow
d05941 Korea unknown Tsingtao Beer
d05942 Poland KZWP KS Cracovia
d05943 Poland KZWP Krakow
d05944 Poland unknown Goldwell
d05945 Poland KZWP GTS Wisla
d05946 Poland KZWP Vincent van Gaal
d05947 Poland KZWP Royal Arctic
d05949 Russia Saratov Witches
d05950 China ZheJiang Man Hua
d05951 China ZheJiang Carriage Noble
d05952 Russia Union Chernobil Kittens
d05953 Russia Union Chernobil Counter Strike Source
d05954 Russia Union Chernobil Tachki
d05955 Russia Union Chernobil Soldier's
d05956 Russia Union Chernobil Over the Hedge
d05957 Russia Union Chernobil Tarot (tzar way) with Mary Lenormand
d05958 Russia RusJoker Dimas&Co.
d05959 Russia RusJoker Star Atlas
d05960 Russia RusJoker August
d05961 Russia RusJoker Mosfilm-1
d05962 Russia RusJoker Mosfilm-2
d05963 Russia A.Orleansky Russian Emperors
d05964 Russia A.Orleansky Dead Souls
d05965 Russia A.Orleansky Russian Beer
d05966 Poland KZWP Roman Empire
d05967 Poland KZWP Aremi
d05968 Holland Blikvanger Poland
d05969 Poland KZWP ?
d05970 Poland KZWP ?
d05971 Poland unknown Kanclerz
d05972 Poland unknown Election 2005
d05973 Poland KZWP GPPE
d05974 Poland KZWP Vogelbescherming Nederland
d05975 Poland KZWP Fjall Raven
d05976 Poland KZWP Helsinki
d05977 Poland KZWP Latvuas Avize
d05978 Poland KZWP Alles
d05979 Poland KZWP ?
d05980 Poland KZWP PZM
d05981 Poland unknown ?
d05982 Poland KZWP ?
d05983 Poland Dertor Funcards
d05984 Poland unknown Telaatkomkaart
d05985 Poland KZWP Andre Rieu
d05986 Belgium Carta Mundi AMOK
d05987 USA USPCC Coca-Cola
d05988 unknown unknown ?
d05989 Belgium Carta Mundi Beerzel Verzamelklub 1970-1980
d05990 unknown ?
d05991 unknown unknown Lucky Girl
d05992 unknown unknown ?
d05993 unknown unknown ?
d05994 unknown unknown ?
d05995 Japan unknown Coca-Cola
d05996 Spain Fournier Catalunya
d05997 USA Brown&Bigelow Inca
d05998 USA unknown Delta Junction, Alaska
d05999 Germany Berliner Spielkarten Spelkort
d06000 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Zoetermeer