No. country publisher name
d06501 USA unknown Thompson Products, Inc.
d06502 USA unknown Regent
d06503 USA USPCC Bridge Headquarters
d06504 USA Arcco Nobility Playing Card
d06505 USA USPCC ?
d06506 Canada Cape Shore standar
d06507 Canada Style & Paper ?
d06508 USA unknown Seagrams's VO
d06509 USA Kalamazoo PCC Unserfritz Pinochle
d06510 USA Kalamazoo PCC Key
d06511 USA Kalamazoo PCC Prince Henry Pinochle No.123
d06516 USA Walter Johnson Bird's Duplicate Whist Cards
d06517 USA Ruledge PCC Virginia Bridge Cards
d06518 USA Milton Bradley Auction decks
d06519 USA NYCCC Gem No.53
d06520 USA USPCC Ayers
d06521 Taiwan Ta Chien ?
d06522 Poland unknown Harnas
d06523 Belgium Carta Mundi Celtic Folk Music
d06524 Hong Kong unknown Star Wars Trilogy
d06525 China unknown Garfild
d06526 China unknown Football
d06527 Belgium Carta Mundi Segelbåtar i svenska farvatten
d06528 Belgium Carta Mundi Rembrandt
d06529 Germany Altenburg Jahr 2000 Romme
d06531 USA USPCC Clarke's pure Rye
d06532 USA Union PCC Squared Faro
d06533 Poland KZWP standard
d06534 Poland KZWP ZPS
d06535 Austria Piatnik standard
d06536 Poland KZWP Regional post department in Szczeczin
d06537 Poland unknown Fundacja "Polsat  Dzieciom
d06538 Poland KZWP Super Express
d06539 Japan Nintendo Columbia
d06540 Japan Nintendo ?
d06541 Japan Nintendo P&O - Orient Lines
d06542 Belgium Carta Mundi FIFA WM 2006
d06543 Germany Altenburg Aussendienst-Poker
d06544 Japan Nintendo standard decks
d06545 Belgium Carta Mundi Oud Wieze
d06546 Spain Castanyer standard
d06547 unknown unknown Unigate
d06548 unknown unknown ?
d06549 Belgium Carta Mundi Danmarks Smukkeste Festival
d06550 Czechia Kolin Pilsner Urqueu
d06551 unknown unknown ?
d06552 unknown unknown Multi-tabs
d06553 Germany Altenburg Davidoff
d06554 unknown unknown Nationale Imprimerie
d06555 unknown unknown WC Experience
d06556 Germany Altenburg ?
d06557 unknown unknown Air Malta
d06558 Belgium Carta Mundi Vada Wageningen
d06559 Greece unknown The Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes
d06560 USA 52 Sex Games for your Birthday
d06561 Germany Altenburg ?
d06562 Germany ASS Felix the cat
d06563 Germany Berliner Teddybaer-Romme
d06564 Germany Coeur Intecta
d06565 USA unknown Tattoos
d06566 Korea unknown Korean Airlines
d06567 Czechia Kolin CMS
d06568 UK Collectable Cards Arsenal
d06569 China unknown serie of decks
d06570 China unknown standard
d06571 China unknown standard
d06572 China B.W.C.D. Bin Wang
d06573 China unknown Naruto
d06574 China unknown ?
d06575 China unknown ?
d06576 China unknown ?
d06577 China unknown Military Decoration
d06578 China unknown ?
d06579 China unknown Air Service Plane
d06580 China unknown Duracell
d06581 China unknown Madagascar
d06582 China unknown SanMao
d06583 China unknown Tuan Yuan Pai
d06584 China unknown Health & Beauty InnerPure Capsuler
d06585 China unknown Kai Lai
d06586 Austria Karl Niderheimer Trappola
d06587 China unknown ?
d06588 China unknown ?
d06589 China unknown JinzHong
d06590 China unknown ?
d06591 China unknown ?
d06592 China HCG Five Thousand Years in China
d06593 China HCG ?
d06594 China unknown ?
d06595 China unknown ?
d06596 China unknown Jiajue
d06597 China unknown ?
d06598 China unknown Qingdao Doublestar Group Corporation
d06599 China unknown Wang Ximeng
d06600 China unknown ?