No. country publisher name
d07201 Italy Lo Scarabeo The Fairy People
d07202 Italy Lo Scarabeo Alice
d07203 Italy Lo Scarabeo Diabolic
d07204 Italy Lo Scarabeo Dinosaurs & Co.
d07205 Italy Lo Scarabeo Marvel
d07206 Italy Lo Scarabeo Martin Mystere
d07207 Italy Lo Scarabeo Birds
d07208 Italy Lo Scarabeo Butterflies
d07209 Italy Lo Scarabeo Shells
d07210 Italy Lo Scarabeo Mucha
d07211 Italy Lo Scarabeo Cats
d07212 Italy Lo Scarabeo XIX Century Fashion
d07213 Italy Lo Scarabeo Baudelaire
d07214 Italy Lo Scarabeo La Fontaine
d07215 Italy Lo Scarabeo The Moon Race
d07216 Italy Lo Scarabeo Dumas
d07217 Italy Lo Scarabeo Kama-Sutra
d07218 Italy Lo Scarabeo Teddy on Ice
d07219 Italy Modiano Holidays
d07220 Italy Modiano Panorama
d07221 Italy Modiano La Graisàne
d07222 Italy Modiano Napoli
d07223 Italy Modiano Isola d'Elba
d07224 Italy Modiano Dolomiti
d07225 Italy Cambissa Vienna-pattern II
d07226 Italy Siaca Goberti
d07227 Italy Siaca Hans
d07228 Italy Masenghini Crédito Lombardo
d07229 Italy Baglioni Calcio Storico Florentino
d07230 Italy Mondadori Panorama
d07231 Italy Dal Negro Charta
d07232 Italy Dal Negro Sarde
d07233 Italy Dal Negro Giovani Marmatte
d07234 Italy Dal Negro Paperon de Paperoni
d07235 Germany Dondorf Zwarte Piet
d07236 China GuangDong GuangDong
d07237 Belgium Carta Mundi Magazine "P"
d07238 Poland unknown The Francis Frith Collection
d07239 Belgium Carta Mundi Gazeta
d07240 Poland KZWP ?
d07241 Poland unknown ?
d07242 Poland KZWP Warszawa
d07243 Poland KZWP Semmarit
d07244 Poland Dertor Quack cards
d07245 unknown unknown
d07246 Poland unknown ?
d07247 Poland unknown ?
d07248 Poland Doslonce Leonardo da Vinci
d07249 Poland unknown Digital Red
d07250 Poland Miko-Graf Warsaw
d07251 Poland unknown YK:n
d07252 Poland Doslonce Krakow
d07253 Poland unknown Anchor
d07254 USA Brown&Bigelow Sauer's Garden
d07255 Canada Canadian PCC Dow
d07256 Mexico Leo.S.A. Pavón
d07257 USA Arrco Ponderosa Ranch
d07258 USA King Press RCA
d07259 USA USPCC Neiman Marcus
d07260 Japan unknown New World
d07261 China Hong Kong Golden Phoenix
d07262 Japan Nintendo Judy
d07263 USA Brown&Bigelow Braniff International
d07264 Japan unknown Nippon Beer
d07265 Canada unknown Bo-Tree
d07266 USA Ivory Tower Cowboys
d07267 unknown unknown Cucumba
d07268 unknown unknown FILA
d07269 Belgium Carta Mundi Speed or Innonation in Bicycles
d07270 Belgium Carta Mundi Asterix&Obelix
d07271 Japan Nintendo ?
d07272 unknown unknown ?
d07273 USA Stancraft Sears
d07274 Spain unknown Barcelona-92
d07275 unknown unknown Coca-Cola
d07276 USA USPCC World Cup 94
d07277 Greece Panco Carta Athletic Games in Ancient Greece
d07278 UK Waddington Olympic
d07279 China unknown Eaglewood
d07280 unknown unknown Dutsun
d07281 unknown unknown ?
d07282 China unknown ?
d07283 Spain Fournier Aceralia
d07284 Austria Piatnik Movie Monsters
d07285 Germany ASS ?
d07286 unknown unknown CGN
d07287 USA B&B Manitoba
d07289 Spain Fournier Cemusa
d07290 USA USPCC Split Spades
d07291 unknown unknown Kinley 4
d07292 Belgium Carta Mundi Johnny English
d07293 USA unknown Ski USA
d07294 Hungary Artex Ibusz
d07295 USA USPCC 101 Dalmatians
d07298 Austria Piatnik Man: the body beautiful
d07299 unknown unknown Ksim, ksam, ksum
d07300 unknown unknown ?