No. country publisher name
d07601 Brasil Copag Colecao Futebol
d07602 Japan unknown Yamatake
d07603 UK Waddington standard joker
d07604 USA unknown ?
d07605 USA B&B Bear
d07606 USA unknown ?
d07607 Austria Piatnik DBS Gods
d07608 Austria Piatnik Nikolaus Moser
d07609 Austria Piatnik Rika
d07610 Austria Piatnik Italian Cats
d07611 Austria Piatnik Josef Bramer II
d07612 Austria Piatnik Kodak Ektachrome
d07613 Austria Piatnik Freizeit Kurier Politiker
d07614 Austria Piatnik Kika News
d07615 Austria Piatnik Versprochen und Gehal
d07616 Austria Piatnik Pfizer
d07617 Austria Piatnik Casablanca
d07618 Austria Piatnik Puntigamer
d07619 Austria Piatnik Biedermeierspiel
d07620 Austria Piatnik Binokel Gaigel
d07621 Austria Piatnik Nippon flavor
d07622 Austria Piatnik Jam Session
d07623 Austria Piatnik Warplanes
d07624 Austria Piatnik Shakespeare by William Blake
d07625 Austria Piatnik Schafkopf Tarock
d07626 Austria Piatnik Gottfried Kumpt
d07627 Austria Piatnik Reales Sitios de España
d07628 Austria Piatnik Ocean Liners
d07629 Austria Piatnik Teddy Deck
d07630 Austria Piatnik Battleships
d07631 Russia Saratov Love Magic Spell
d07632 Russia Saratov Army
d07633 Russia Saratov Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
d07634 Russia Saratov Simpsons in the Cinema
d07635 Russia Saratov Transformers
d07636 Russia Saratov Spiderman-3
d07637 Russia Saratov Star Dust
d07638 Russia Saratov Ratatouille
d07639 Russia Saratov Happy Feet
d07640 Russia Saratov Who is your eligible bachelor?
d07641 Russia Saratov Fen-shui
d07642 Russia MAK Playing Cards No.2
d07643 UK John McLean Lake District
d07644 Belgium Carta Mundi Tate Gallery
d07645 UK Neil MacLeod Historic Scotland
d07646 Austria Piatnik Pack of Royals
d07648 UK Heritage Herbs
d07649 UK Neil MacLeod Jackpack Royal Navy
d07650 UK R.Somerville Scottish Legends
d07651 UK unknown A la carte
d07652 UK Waddington Fairclough
d07653 UK Heritage Ocean Life
d07654 UK V&A Museum Costume
d07655 UK Heritage Railway Posters
d07656 UK Collectable C. Endangered species
d07657 UK Neil MacLeod National Trust Properties
d07658 Belgium Carta Mundi Lakeland
d07659 UK Heritage Birds of Prey
d07660 UK Heritage Christmas Carols
d07661 UK SAC Flowers Fairies
d07662 UK Talking Photos Famous Footballer
d07663 UK Neil MacLeod Wildlife
d07664 UK Ladbroke The Sporting caricatures
d07665 UK Heritage Guildhall Art Gallery
d07666 UK Heritage Water Birds
d07667 UK Paul Lamond The Centenary
d07668 UK Green Board Ancient Egypt
d07669 UK Heritage Abbeys
d07670 UK Heritage Cottage Garden
d07671 UK Heritage Exotic Birds
d07672 UK Heritage Fruits of the World
d07673 UK Heritage Reptiles&Amphibians
d07674 UK Heritage Vegetable Garden
d07675 UK Heritage Shells
d07676 UK Neil MacLeod MDV
d07677 UK Westnedge Tottering-by-Gently
d07678 UK unknown The Dickens Character Collection
d07679 UK Collectable C. Royal Family
d07680 UK unknown Drinker's Forfeit
d07681 UK Heritage Whales&Dolphins
d07682 UK Heritage Animals of North America
d07683 UK Heritage Spices
d07684 UK Heritage Butterflies of the World
d07685 UK Heritage Backyard Birds
d07686 UK Heritage Down on the Farm
d07687 UK Heritage Native American Tribes
d07688 Belgium Carta Mundi Scruffy Mutts
d07689 Belgium Carta Mundi Magnificent Moggies
d07690 German Berliner Spiel. Deutsches bild
d07691 Poland Dertor Otadmar Partner
d07692 Poland Dertor Tarot of Marseilles
d07693 Poland KZWP Vereniging van Handelaren Groningen Opger
d07694 Canada Ectrie Graphics standard
d07695 Egypt unknown ?
d07696 USA USPCC Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
d07697 unknown unknown ?
d07698 Malaysia unknown ?
d07699 Denmark unknown SE
d07700 Denmark unknown ?