No. country publisher name
d07901 China unknown
d07902 China Hangzhou
d07903 China unknown Lenovo
d07904 unknown unknown House of Bluers
d07905 Poland Plan Galileos
d07906 UK T&R Theakston Theakston Brewing
d07907 Poland Dertor Spider-man
d07908 unknown unknown
d07909 Poland KZWP Walther
d07910 Poland Dertor
d07911 unknown unknown
d07912 UK E.M.Lewis Paradise
d07913 France Ducale La Ducale
d07914 China Shanghai
d07915 Belgium Biermans Triumph
d07916 Belgium Carta Mundi Kroon Oil
d07917 China Hong Kong The Hare & Tortoise
d07918 India Diamond
d07919 Italy La Milano
d07920 China ZheJiang 7 Tele Jours
d07921 unknown unknown
d07922 Japan Nintendo San-Al
d07923 China unknown
d07924 China unknown Katie
d07925 Spain Fournier J.W.Junius & ZN B.V.
d07926 China unknown
d07927 Sweden Akerlund&Rausing standard
d07928 Germany ASS Schlager
d07929 China unknown
d07930 Belgium Brepols Red Cross
d07931 USA Arrco Salem Cigarettes
d07932 USA Pyramid Victor Hack Saws
d07933 China Shanghai Tun Huang
d07934 unknown unknown
d07935 Spain Fournier Loteria Nacional
d07936 unknown unknown Houghton
d07937 unknown unknown
d07938 China unknown
d07939 China Shanghai Swan
d07940 China unknown
d07941 China unknown YMJP
d07942 China unknown Pengcheng Beer
d07943 China unknown TV XQ
d07944 China unknown The Peony of Heze
d07945 China Shandong
d07946 China Jinhua Jinlong
d07947 China unknown
d07948 China ZheJiang
d07949 China Shanghai
d07950 China unknown
d07951 Argentina Grafica S.A. Spanish National Pattern
d07952 China unknown
d07953 China unknown
d07954 China unknown Leonardo
d07955 Finland Nelostuote Suomi-Finland
d07956 Belgium Carta Mundi Mexican
d07957 Russia unknown
d07958 Indonesia Percetakan Wayang
d07959 Belgium unknown Schutiersveid
d07960 Belgium Carta Mundi
d07961 China unknown Hawaiian
d07962 China unknown
d07963 China unknown Mickey Mouse
d07964 China Shandong Julong
d07965 China ZheJiang Wangji
d07966 China unknown
d07967 China unknown ISS
d07968 China unknown
d07969 unknown unknown Kama Sutra
d07970 unknown unknown Rondo
d07971 Germany unknown Regenbogen
d07972 unknown unknown Batman
d07973 unknown unknown
d07974 Germany unknown
d07975 Germany unknown Wizard
d07976 Belgium Carta Mundi Discover American Wildlife
d07977 Belgium Carta Mundi La Belote Marseillaise
d07978 China Hong Kong Rhino
d07979 China Hong Kong Jaws
d07981 China unknown Shanghai Travel
d07982 USA USPCC Singer Sewing Machines
d07983 USA O. PCC Dr. A.C.Daniels' Veterinary Medicines
d07985 China unknown OCBC Bank
d07986 USA United Drug Country Club
d07987 Poland unknown
d07988 Poland unknown Ventus
d07989 Poland KZWP Sparck
d07990 Poland unknown Kaczor Donald
d07991 Poland unknown With Nude Beauties/With Big Tits
d07992 unknown unknown
d07993 USA USPCC New York Central System
d07994 China Hong Kong standard joker
d07995 Australia Reed Paper
d07996 China Hong Kong Cobra
d07997 China Hong Kong
d07998 China Hong Kong
d07999 China Hong Kong Double Lion
d08000 Poland unknown