No. country publisher name
d08201 Germany ASS Hoer Zu
d08202 unknown unknown
d08203 unknown unknown
d08205 Spain Fournier Iberia
d08206 unknown
d08207 Belgium Carta Mundi SNS
d08208 China unknown Drinxx
d08209 India unknown
d08210 Belgium Carta Mundi MZ
d08211 unknown unknown DCS
d08212 Belgium unknown Petrole Hahn
d08213 China Hong Kong Guinness
d08214 unknown unknown Tortoise
d08215 unknown unknown Pretty Posy
d08216 unknown unknown W2
d08217 USA USPCC
d08218 USA USPCC Harley-Davidson
d08219 unknown unknown Hulk
d08220 unknown unknown MM
d08221 Germany Coeur Moldau
d08222 USA WPC Mickey the King
d08223 Egypt unknown
d08224 France Heron Steco
d08225 China unknown
d08226 unknown unknown WarCraft
d08227 China unknown
d08228 China unknown
d08229 China unknown
d08230 China unknown
d08231 China ZheJiang Shanghai Oianliyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
d08232 China Wuyi Jade Hare
d08233 China unknown
d08234 China unknown
d08235 China unknown
d08236 China unknown
d08237 China unknown Milaoshu
d08238 China Yiwu
d08239 UK Collectable Cards standard
d08240 Belgium Carta Mundi Gent
d08241 unknown unknown Bluebird
d08242 Czechia Akord Válečné
d08243 unknown unknown The Simpsons
d08244 Japan unknown
d08245 Japan unknown
d08246 Japan unknown
d08247 Japan unknown
d08248 France unknown Auvergne
d08249 France unknown Alsace
d08250 France unknown
d08251 France unknown
d08252 France unknown Marseille
d08253 Finland Nelostuote
d08254 Finland Nelostuote
d08255 UK Collectable Cards P&O
d08256 USA USPCC German Beneficial Union of Pittsburg
d08257 unknown unknown Sesame Street
d08258 China unknown
d08259 Brazil Copag O Dia
d08260 Brazil Copag
d08261 Brazil unknown
d08262 Poland KZWP standard
d08263 Poland KZWP Rader
d08264 Poland KZWP
d08265 Poland KZWP
d08266 Poland KZWP Ricoh
d08267 Poland KZWP
d08268 Poland KZWP Scandinavian Hunks
d08269 Poland KZWP Sweden
d08270 USA unknown Gold Crown
d08271 UK InterCol The Battle of Britain
d08272 USA USPCC Playboy
d08273 Russia MAK Don Henderson - Celtic art
d08274 Poland KZWP Metso
d08275 China Hong Kong Rum
d08276 Germany Altenburg Isoket
d08277 Belgium Carta Mundi DSP-group
d08278 Greece Panco carta Beautiful Cats
d08279 Poland unknown Galicjanka
d08280 Poland unknown Indek
d08281 Poland KZWP Zwolle
d08282 Poland unknown Kris
d08283 Poland KZWP Krawczyk&Bregovic
d08284 Poland KZWP Ron Oostveen Fotografie
d08285 Poland KZWP
d08286 Poland Plan Galileos
d08287 France Face&Dos French Courtisanes
d08288 Poland MAZOWIECKIE Karty Klasyczne
d08289 Poland KZWP Green Cargo
d08290 Poland AGP Gramicus Cracovia
d08291 Austria Piatnik 50th Anniversary of the PBU
d08292 Poland KZWP MLL&Plan
d08293 Czechia Akord Westernové
d08294 Poland unknown Tarot
d08295 Italy Lo Scarabeo Teddy on ice
d08296 Italy Lo Scarabeo Napoleon
d08297 China Hong Kong No.848
d08298 China Hong Kong
d08299 unknown unknown Axe
d08300 France Heron Groupe Berthelat