No. country publisher name
d08701 USA Concept Race
d08702 Taiwan unknown Bomber Girls
d08703 UK Goodall South Africa
d08704 USA Brown&Bigelow Greater St. Louis
d08705 Argentina unknown Alcazar
d08706 Argentina unknown Axe
d08707 China unknown Royal Stout
d08708 Sweden unknown Vännäs
d08709 Switzerland AGMuller Bourbon
d08710 USA Brown&Bigelow Chicago Great Western Railway
d08711 China Hong Kong Malaysia Scenery
d08712 USA USPCC Delta Line
d08713 USA unknown Matson Line
d08714 Ireland Ormond standard
d08715 France Grimaud CMA
d08716 India unknown Parksons Press
d08717 USA Brown&Bigelow Navy
d08718 USA Brown&Bigelow Southern Railway
d08719 USA unknown The golden door to good fellowship
d08720 USA Sanway Rondax
d08721 USA Whitman Maytag
d08722 USA Perfection advertising decks
d08723 USA SRI Publishing Sex to Sexty
d08724 China unknown Famous Scientist
d08725 China Shandong Kung Fu
d08726 USA Richard Edward The Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons
d08727 USA PC-CD GAMES Age of Mythology
d08728 Israel unknown Israel Museum
d08729 USA Training Aids Ms. Playing Cards
d08730 USA unknown Simple Western
d08731 USA unknown Outrageous Dirty Jokes
d08732 France unknown
d08733 USA USPCC California Total Recall
d08734 France unknown Memoire de l'affiche
d08735 USA unknown Party Gags
d08736 USA USPCC God Bless America
d08737 Sweden Photoletter Florida
d08738 Germany F.X.Schmid Sexy Poker
d08739 Japan N. K. Tracal
d08740 USA unknown Ameristar Casinos
d08741 China Hong Kong More
d08742 China unknown
d08743 USA unknown Ford
d08744 Spain Artes Royal
d08745 Spain Maldonado Baraja taurina
d08746 Spain Maestros Naiperos Club de futbol Malaga
d08747 Spain Maestros Naiperos Mudejar
d08748 Spain Naipes Comas Carlista
d08749 Spain Naipes Comas La Legión
d08750 Spain Naipes Comas Fiesta Nacional
d08751 Spain Naipes Comas B.Braun Aesculap
d08752 Spain unknown Vidra FOC
d08753 Spain unknown Truc
d08754 Spain Naipes Comas XII Asamblea Asescoin
d08755 Spain Gráficas Arcoiris La manga
d08756 Spain Naipes Comas Rolling Stones
d08757 Spain Naipes Comas III Guerra Carlista
d08758 Spain Naipes Comas Comunidad de Madrid
d08759 Spain unknown Spanish National Pattern
d08760 Spain Naipes Comas Vinos Capel
d08761 Spain Fournier Cartas musicales
d08762 Spain Eurocres Madrid
d08763 Spain Fournier The Greatest Bullfighters of History
d08764 Spain Fournier El Señor de los Anillos
d08765 Spain Fournier El Cid Campeador
d08766 Spain El Medol Tarragona
d08767 Spain Real Academia Baraja española s.XVI
d08768 Spain Naipes Comas Acehuche
d08769 Spain Naipes Comas El Sendero
d08770 Spain Fournier Mitología Asturiana
d08771 Australia Hema Northern Territory
d08772 Japan Nintendo ?
d08773 Japan Nintendo Royal Tennis
d08774 Japan Nintendo CBS
d08775 Japan Nintendo Viva Bourg
d08776 Japan Nintendo Kubota
d08777 Japan Nintendo Tsumura Juntendo
d08778 Japan Nintendo JVC
d08779 Japan Nintendo Dick Bruna
d08780 Japan Nintendo Salmon
d08781 Holland unknown Roxy
d08782 Japan Nintendo
d08783 Japan Nintendo
d08784 Japan Nintendo Compa
d08785 Canada unknown Canadian Rockies
d08786 Japan Nintendo Casino Kyoto
d08787 Japan Nintendo Bradford Insulation
d08788 Japan Nintendo KSJL
d08789 Japan Nintendo Miyoshino
d08790 Japan Nintendo KSK
d08791 Japan Nintendo IVY
d08792 Japan Nintendo
d08793 Belgium Carta Mundi
d08794 Japan Nintendo Vivara
d08795 Japan Nintendo Radial Thorouhgbred
d08796 Japan Nintendo Samurai Alinamin
d08797 Japan Nintendo GS Batteris
d08798 Japan Nintendo
d08799 Japan Nintendo Johnnie Walker
d08800 Japan Nintendo