No. country publisher name
d09101 Belgium Carta Mundi Speel op zeker
d09102 Belgium Mesmaekers Lamot
d09103 Finland unknown Comatec OY
d09104 Belgium unknown Duo
d09105 Belgium Carta Mundi Nafta
d09106 Belgium Carta Mundi Ocean's twelve
d09107 Belgium Carta Mundi Central beheer
d09108 China unknown Pokemon
d09109 unknown unknown Animal Arc
d09110 unknown unknown Wizard
d09111 Belgium Carta Mundi Lynx Dry
d09112 Finland Nelostuote Kauppalehti
d09113 Belgium Carta Mundi Cote d'Or
d09114 unknown unknown Benecol
d09115 unknown unknown Love Peace
d09116 Italy RotalSele Pisa
d09117 Greece Summer Dream Panorame of Greece
d09118 China unknown
d09119 Italy Dal Negro Topolino
d09120 China unknown Red Light Girls
d09121 Mexico Clemente Jacques Naipes Nacionales
d09122 China unknown Kung Fu Panda
d09123 China unknown
d09124 Italy unknown standard
d09125 China unknown Orchids
d09126 Argentina M.R. Joketa
d09127 Taiwan Kuo Kau Invisible
d09128 Italy unknown
d09129 USA B&B International Petroleum Exposition
d09130 Italy unknown Ford
d09131 UK Waddington standard joker
d09132 China unknown
d09133 China unknown
d09134 China unknown
d09135 China unknown
d09136 China unknown
d09137 China unknown
d09138 China unknown
d09139 China Shanghai Golden Cow
d09140 Italy Modiano Topolino (Le Carte D'Oro)
d09141 China Wuyi Mingyang
d09142 China unknown No.2002
d09143 China unknown No.2001
d09144 China Shanghai No.721
d09145 China unknown The Incredibles
d09146 China unknown
d09147 China Shanghai
d09148 China unknown Mickey
d09149 Argentina unknown Ronold McDonald
d09150 China Hong Kong
d09151 China Hong Kong Royal Flushes
d09152 China Hong Kong Honey No.405
d09153 Germany unknown Renault
d09154 China unknown Beijing 2008
d09155 China unknown Donald Duck
d09156 Taiwan unknown Tigers
d09157 China Sanrui Coca-Cola
d09158 China unknown Floraland
d09159 China unknown Coca-Cola
d09160 China unknown
d09161 China unknown Storm Strike
d09162 Estonia unknown Eesti Pank
d09163 China unknown Doraemon
d09164 China unknown Strawberry Shortcake
d09165 China unknown Dragon Ball Z
d09166 China unknown Merry Christmas
d09167 China unknown Barney
d09168 China unknown
d09169 Romania unknown Cetelem
d09170 China unknown
d09171 Poland unknown Miko-Graf
d09172 unknown unknown Hello, Kitty
d09173 China unknown Imperial court
d09174 China unknown No.3388
d09175 China unknown
d09176 China unknown
d09177 Italy Lo Scarabeo Martin Mystere
d09178 China unknown Nude PLC QB
d09179 Poland unknown Osram
d09180 Poland Dertor
d09181 unknown unknown
d09182 unknown unknown Air Europa
d09183 China unknown Gale 06
d09184 China ZheJiang
d09185 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Luyksgestel
d09186 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Grimbergen
d09187 Italy Italcards Roma
d09188 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Pijnaker
d09189 Italy unknown Euro Spin
d09190 China unknown
d09191 China unknown
d09192 Greece Tolios Greek Islands
d09193 Poland unknown Dehn
d09194 Taiwan unknown Teletubbies
d09195 Taiwan unknown Star Wars I
d09196 Taiwan unknown Hokuto-No Ken
d09197 Taiwan unknown Lupin the 3RD
d09198 China unknown
d09199 Japan unknown Wizards'Inn Inc.
d09200 Finland Nelostuote Heli