No. country publisher name
d09901 Belgium Carta Mundi Oomen Makelaardij
d09902 Belgium Carta Mundi O&O
d09903 unknown unknown
d09904 Poland KZWP Ahven
d09906 unknown unknown Rems
d09907 unknown unknown KWS
d09908 unknown unknown News
d09909 unknown unknown
d09910 unknown unknown Sunds Defibrator
d09911 unknown unknown Toy Story
d09912 unknown unknown
d09913 Finland Nelostuote
d09914 China Hong Kong
d09915 Portugal Grafinal Camara
d09916 Holland unknown Reederij van Swieten N.V.
d09917 USA unknown Savannah Line
d09918 USA USPCC Chicago&Southern Air Lines
d09919 USA USPCC The Lifetime meter
d09920 USA USPCC advertising aces
d09921 USA USPCC Clipper No.934
d09923 Switzerland Lepori&Storni Piccionaia&Tris
d09924 Belgium Mesmaekers Cartes Parisiennes
d09925 Italy Capital I Tarocchi del Manager
d09926 China Shanghai
d09927 unknown unknown Ligue Braille
d09928 China unknown Mickey
d09929 China unknown Spider-man 3
d09930 China unknown Tweety
d09931 Japan Nintendo Maggy
d09932 Japan unknown Pokemon
d09933 unknown unknown Sweda
d09934 unknown unknown South East Essex College
d09935 unknown unknown
d09936 France unknown Les Pages Jaunes
d09937 Ukraine unknown Donetsk Preferance Club
d09938 unknown unknown Ocreal
d09939 unknown unknown
d09940 Belgium Carta Mundi High School Musical 3
d09941 Poland KZWP Altavia
d09942 China Shanghai Armed Escort
d09943 unknown unknown Best
d09944 Holland unknown SPTS
d09945 Germany unknown
d09946 unknown unknown
d09947 France unknown Trolls de Troy
d09948 unknown unknown
d09949 unknown unknown
d09950 unknown unknown
d09951 Poland unknown Pomorskie
d09952 Belgium Carta Mundi Jardins
d09953 unknown unknown
d09954 France unknown Les jeux ouverts sur le monde
d09955 unknown IPCS Members Pack
d09956 Sweden unknown
d09957 Japan Nintendo Super Mario Bros.
d09958 Japan Nintendo OH-I Securities Co.
d09959 Japan Nintendo Osaka Gas
d09960 China ZheJiang Air Seychelles
d09961 Egypt unknown
d09962 unknown unknown
d09963 UK unknown Terry Smith Group
d09964 Poland KZWP SpareKlubb'n
d09965 Poland KZWP Looks
d09966 Poland KZWP Udi-Sos 75
d09967 unknown unknown
d09968 unknown unknown
d09969 Belgium Carta Mundi Antwerpen 93
d09970 Poland KZWP Landustrie
d09971 Poland Dertor IT-security
d09972 Poland Dertor Delftsche Voetbal Club
d09973 Poland KZWP Raiko
d09974 unknown unknown Super Mario
d09975 USA unknown Shareholder's Most Wanted
d09976 Belgium Carta Mundi Superman Returns
d09977 unknown unknown
d09978 unknown unknown The Nightmare before Christmas
d09979 UK unknown Cura Tide Studio
d09980 USA W.Duke, Sons insert
d09981 Germany unknown Kontaktpoker
d09982 Spain unknown Sexy Girls
d09983 Spain unknown Grimar AAAA
d09984 Greece unknown 54 Hot Models
d09985 USA unknown Nude
d09986 France Grimaud Pierre Cardin
d09987 UK unknown The Seven Ages of Man
d09988 UK John R.C. White Charles Robert Darwin
d09989 Germany F.X.Schmid CMA
d09990 Germany VSS Stralsunder Kaiserkarte
d09991 Holland unknown Efka
d09992 Holland Vormgeving B.V. Just People from Tropical Afrika
d09993 Belgium Van Genechten Cartes Italiennes
d09994 Germany Buronia Bayerisches Doppelbild
d09995 Russia MAK Armando Huerta
d09996 Russia MAK Aslan
d09997 Russia MAK Fritz Willis
d09998 Russia MAK Madonna
d09999 Russia MAK Crush
d10000 Russia MAK Erik Drudwyn