No. country publisher name
d10601 Bulgaria unknown Bulgaria
d10602 Bulgaria unknown Sense of Bulgaria
d10603 Italy RotalSele
d10604 unknown Dal Negro Hyundai
d10605 Japan unknown Hello Kitty
d10606 India unknown Panama
d10607 USA Gemaco Taos Mountain Casino
d10608 USA USPCC Illinois Traction System
d10609 USA unknown AMC
d10610 USA USGS Cleveland Campaign
d10611 USA Cards of Colour Cards of Colour
d10612 USA Hoyle Star Trek
d10613 France Dussere Jeu de Divination
d10614 unknown Turkey Ünal
d10615 Swiss Senans Boulanger
d10616 Ukraine New Plakat Barbie
d10617 Ukraine unknown Winx
d10618 Ukraine unknown Naruto
d10619 Ukraine unknown Transformers
d10620 Ukraine unknown Spider-Man
d10621 Ukraine unknown The Lord of Rings
d10622 Russia Interstate 60
d10623 Russia Robert Alvarado
d10624 Belgium Biermans Mignonne
d10625 Germany Frommann&Buente Bayerisches Einfachbild
d10626 Germany F.X.Schmid Ansbacher Bild
d10627 Germany unknown Neuenburger Bild
d10628 USA Ivory Tower Large and Lovely
d10629 China unknown No.9933
d10630 USA Bacardi USA serie
d10631 Australia unknown Reef
d10632 UK unknown Erotica 06
d10633 Singapore unknown FHM
d10634 China unknown No.7717
d10635 China unknown No.2368
d10636 Spain Nuevo Vale Strip Poker
d10637 UK E.M.Lewis Pattern No.7
d10638 UK E.M.Lewis Fonarama
d10639 UK E.M.Lewis Flamenco
d10640 UK E.M.Lewis Citicards
d10641 UK E.M.Lewis Magician
d10642 UK E.M.Lewis Fast Food
d10643 UK E.M.Lewis The 1001 Nights
d10644 UK E.M.Lewis Shepperton 72
d10645 UK E.M.Lewis Lips No.37
d10646 UK E.M.Lewis Shampoo
d10647 UK E.M.Lewis Lipsmackerz
d10648 UK E.M.Lewis Gay Paree
d10649 UK E.M.Lewis Strip Poker
d10650 UK E.M.Lewis Shocker
d10651 UK E.M.Lewis Fun Time Poker
d10652 UK E.M.Lewis Noah's Ark
d10653 UK E.M.Lewis Flora and Fauna
d10654 UK E.M.Lewis Circular
d10655 UK E.M.Lewis Sweet Sixteen
d10656 UK E.M.Lewis Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
d10657 UK E.M.Lewis Beach Baby
d10658 UK E.M.Lewis Costume Bridge
d10659 UK E.M.Lewis Carousel
d10660 UK E.M.Lewis Cascade
d10661 UK E.M.Lewis Charms
d10662 UK E.M.Lewis Cocktails
d10663 UK E.M.Lewis Cotton Candy
d10664 UK E.M.Lewis Fun in the Sun
d10665 UK E.M.Lewis Ices
d10666 UK E.M.Lewis Nursery Rhymes
d10667 UK E.M.Lewis Old West
d10668 UK E.M.Lewis Peace
d10669 UK E.M.Lewis Paradise II
d10670 UK E.M.Lewis OH Diamonds
d10671 unknown unknown
d10672 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente Boarnsterhim
d10673 Belgium Carta Mundi Gemeente 's-Graveland
d10674 unknown unknown 1001 Pattes
d10675 Italy KINA- L.E.G.O. Lago di Garda
d10676 unknown unknown Musicards
d10677 USA USPCC Nevada Club
d10678 unknown unknown
d10679 USA USPCC
d10680 unknown unknown Charlie
d10681 USA WPC NFL-Personna
d10682 USA USPCC Linco
d10683 USA unknown Old Parr Whiskey
d10684 France unknown Educative
d10685 unknown unknown
d10686 Italy RotalSele
d10687 Italy RotalSele Le Perigord
d10688 Italy RotalSele
d10689 unknown unknown Star Wars
d10690 China unknown
d10691 China unknown Aoluo Group
d10692 Belgium Carta Mundi Concorde
d10693 Belgium Carta Mundi Quick
d10694 China Yiwu Beautiful
d10695 USA USPCC Munson Steamship Lines
d10696 Holland unknown Dommelsch Bier
d10697 Japan unknown
d10698 Japan unknown
d10699 USA unknown Francis Coppola Vineyards
d10700 USA Gemaco Bell Laboratories 50th Anniversary