No. country publisher name
d11401 USA unknown Du Pont
d11402 China Suzhou
d11403 China Hong Kong Hello World
d11404 China Shanghai Bee
d11405 USA USPCC Old Dominion Steamship Co.
d11406 USA unknown First Los Angeles Bank
d11409 unknown unknown
d11410 unknown unknown S.L.B.
d11411 USA USPCC Reading Lines
d11412 unknown unknown
d11413 Austria Piatnik De Luxe
d11414 unknown unknown
d11415 USA USGS Famous battles of the American revolution
d11416 unknown unknown
d11417 unknown unknown
d11418 unknown unknown
d11419 unknown unknown Penguin Power!
d11420 USA USPCC Kpatoe Kai Texnh
d11421 UK unknown Craven "A"
d11422 USA Hoyle Pepsi-cola
d11423 unknown unknown
d11424 unknown unknown
d11425 unknown unknown Treasure
d11426 China unknown Eva Air
d11427 unknown unknown
d11428 unknown unknown
d11429 USA Arrco silhouette serie
d11430 China Hong Kong
d11431 USA B&B Great White Fleet
d11432 Italy Capitol Carte Roma Le belle d'Italia
d11433 unknown unknown
d11434 Australia Fuerth and Nall standard joke
d11435 USA
d11436 USA Arrco Texas Centennial
d11437 Japan Nintendo Lamoner
d11438 Japan Nintendo Edward's
d11439 Poland KZWP
d11440 China Hong Kong patience
d11441 Italy unknown XXX
d11442 Italy RotalSele Capri
d11443 Italy Modiano
d11444 unknown unknown
d11445 USA USPCC Orange County Choppers
d11447 USA USPCC Holly Hobbie
d11448 USA Merrimack The sunbonnet babies
d11449 Yugoslavia unknown 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Playing Card
d11450 Russia POPcomics
d11451 Russia Armando Huerta
d11452 Russia Shunga
d11453 Russia
d11454 UK E.M.Lewis Butterfly
d11455 USA USPCC Pennsylvania Tank Line
d11456 USA USPCC Hagen-Becker
d11457 Australia Spicers Paper API
d11458 Australia unknown Adelaide Casino
d11459 Malaysia unknown Malaysia Scenery
d11460 USA USPCC Bicycle 125 years
d11461 USA USPCC English Laundry
d11462 NZ United Empire Army Memorial Museum
d11463 Australia unknown Australian Football Clubs
d11464 Australia Sands&McDougall King Billy
d11465 Belgium unknown Medieval
d11466 Japan unknown Pokemon Tarot
d11467 USA P22 serie of Art decks
d11468 China unknown Henry
d11469 China unknown
d11470 Bulgaria unknown Bulgaria - Land of roses
d11471 Poland unknown Stadsavonturen
d11472 China unknown
d11473 Poland Miko-Graf Dziennik
d11474 Poland KZWP Jim Beam - FHM
d11475 Poland unknown Honeywell
d11476 Poland KZWP Nederlands New Forest Pony Stamboek
d11477 Poland KZWP Thermaflex
d11478 unknown unknown Walgreens
d11479 NZ unknown Kiwistaff
d11480 Austria Piatnik
d11481 Poland unknown
d11482 Poland unknown
d11483 Poland Dertor Made in Switzerland
d11484 Poland Dertor Life
d11485 Poland KZWP
d11486 unknown unknown Sony
d11487 USA Hoyle Best
d11488 unknown unknown Mitsubishi Motors
d11489 Belgium Carta Mundi Velux
d11490 unknown unknown Rheem
d11491 unknown unknown Sony
d11492 China unknown World know
d11493 Holland unknown Leiden Marathon
d11494 unknown unknown The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowships of the Ring
d11495 USA Hoyle SMEE
d11496 Belgium Carta Mundi Jouez la carte de la solidarité
d11497 China unknown
d11498 Poland unknown Spider-man
d11499 Belgium Carta Mundi De zonneschool
d11500 UK Redwood Green Cards