No. country publisher name
d12001 Poland KZWP Kanzelamt
d12002 Poland KZWP Rondje rekenspel
d12003 unknown unknown
d12004 USA B&B Hoi Polloi Inc.
d12005 unknown unknown
d12006 Italy Solleone Black Cat
d12007 Poland KZWP Ul13 Alchemy
d12008 Jordan unknown Jordan-Petra
d12009 unknown unknown
d12010 USA unknown Campanella Cigars
d12011 Canada Burland Good luck
d12012 USA unknown Rock Island
d12013 unknown unknown
d12014 France Grimaud Franc-Maconnerie
d12015 France Heron National Marine
d12016 USA USPCC Transducer
d12017 USA USPCC Tattoo
d12018 USA USPCC
d12019 USA USPCC F. J. Ohara &S ons, Inc.
d12020 USA unknown Washington Festivals & Events
d12021 USA USPCC NV Potash Export
d12022 India unknown Bright
d12023 USA NYCC FreeLance
d12024 USA USPCC Lord Kemper
d12025 USA USPCC Masterpiece
d12026 USA B&B Southern California
d12027 USA Gemaco Meskwaki
d12028 USA Ivory Tower Christmas Cards
d12029 Belgium Carta Mundi Hole in One
d12030 USA unknown Cleveland Shuffle
d12031 Australia unknown Club Kilsyth
d12032 USA unknown The Three Stooges Country Club Collection
d12033 USA unknown Theo. Hamm Brewery Co.
d12034 USA A.Dougherty The Gamewell Fire-alarm Telegraph Co.
d12035 USA USPCC
d12036 USA Emelux Venezuelan Line
d12037 USA unknown 52+Joker
d12038 Argentina unknown Italcred
d12039 USA Hallmark Natures sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin
d12040 Czechia Kolin Zubrovka
d12041 USA Arrco Christmas
d12042 Japan unknown Mushi productions
d12043 UK InterCol WCMP memorial
d12044 Lithuania unknown Merrild
d12045 Italy RotalSele Pays Basque
d12046 Germany Coeur Briefmarken
d12047 Lithuania Orija Jubiliejinės
d12048 China HCG China
d12049 China unknown No.8102
d12050 China unknown Mushrooms
d12051 China unknown Kingswel machinery
d12052 Taiwan unknown Orange County Choppers
d12053 China unknown 2010
d12054 China unknown World Cup 2010
d12055 China unknown Winx Club
d12056 Germany B.Dondorf Spiele No.8
d12057 Germany B.Dondorf L'Hombre No.60
d12058 Ukraine Vetrov Karpaty
d12059 China unknown Expo 2010
d12060 China unknown Fulla
d12061 China Shandong Motuo
d12062 China unknown World Cup 2010
d12063 China unknown Mouse
d12064 China unknown Succuba
d12065 Belgium Biermans Remy
d12066 France unknown Anagramme
d12067 UK Deal-A-Dart Darts
d12068 China unknown Joyful
d12069 USA Russell PC
d12070 USA A.Dougherty Votes for Women
d12071 Australia Hema Cairns
d12072 Australia Hema Queensland
d12073 Australia Hema Great Barrier Reef
d12074 Australia Hema South Australia
d12075 Australia Hema
d12076 USA Hoyle Merit
d12077 UK unknown Monty Python
d12078 USA Hoyle NASCAR 1980-1991
d12079 Australia Norwood self-promotion
d12080 Australia unknown Street Commodores
d12081 USA Hoyle Cypress Gardens
d12082 USA USPCC Taft & Pennoyer Co.
d12083 USA USPCC The May Co.
d12084 USA Bo-Tree Ladies Home Companion
d12085 USA unknown Napoleon Dynamite
d12086 USA Prospero Art Wagner's "Ring"
d12087 unknown unknown Maxime
d12088 USA unknown
d12089 USA USPCC The May Co. Hawaiian Surf
d12090 USA USPCC Bishop & Babcock Co.
d12091 USA USPCC Pacific Coast Club
d12092 USA B&B Denver Equipment Co.
d12093 USA unknown Wild Deuces
d12094 USA USPCC De Lacy Chemical Co.
d12095 Italy RotalSele Italia
d12096 Spain Francar&Co. Espana con Honar
d12097 Germany Philipp Wespin Trades Tarot
d12098 Germany unknown Popular Tarot
d12099 USA Gemaco Nebraska
d12100 USA Gemaco Colorado