WWPCM: About Germany cards
Germany firmsigns
Berlin pattern by different printers
set of germany jokers

First reference about Germany cards  was find in Nuernberg c.1380.
Since this old times till now there were a lot of printers. But now almost all germany card fabriques are ownership of  "Carta Mundi" (Belgium).
Germany culture of playing cards born a set of national germany patterns. I have prepared articles about this patterns (including countries with germany influence), but on Russian: You can to make an automatical translate, but in any case the pictures are universal. Enjoy:

001. Ansbach pattern
002. Augsburg pattern
003. Bavarian pattern
004. Salzburg pattern
005. Tyrol pattern
006.  Bogemian/Prague pattern
007.  Franconian pattern
008.  Wuerttemberg pattern
009.  Darmstadt pattern
010.  Saxon pattern
011.  Prussian pattern
012. Oedenburg patter
013. Lemberg pattern
014. Linz pattern
015. Tell pattern
016. Hungarian pattern
017. Luditz pattern
018. Bavarian Soldiers pattern
019. Hannover pattern
020. New Altenburg pattern
021. Russian pattern