Welcome to WWPCM:

World Web Playing Cards Museum

All cards of the World at the Web-site!
Is it possible? Why not?!
Impossible for one man, but it's real deal for all lovers of cards.
I wait your entry to the WWPCM:   images of your cards (with information about them).
All pages with your images will  marked by your name&e-mail/web-site/adress (what you want).

If it possuble:
1. wide of all images  - 4 cm. (or more);
2. resolution - 300 dpi (or more);
3. quality - "high" (or more).

Mark of item:   WWPCM00000Z000Y (page - d00000)
00000         - registration number of item
Z                -  kind of card:
                        s   - card of spades
                        h   - card of hearts
                        d - card of diamonds
                        c - card of clubs      
                        j - joker
                        r - back
                        a - extra card with the same back (may be used as joker)
                        s - special card without back
000          -  (number) card differs from Z001 (Z01) by small part
Y             -  (letter) card differs only by colour

If You can correct&add my informations/images, please  sukhty@aha.ru.

Thank You in advance!