No. country publisher name
d00101 China ShangHai Old ShangHai
d00102 Taiwan Beaution Co. ?
d00103 Germany Coeur Haustiere und ihre Jungen
d00104 Germany Coeur Links oder rechts?
d00105 Germany Coeur Passt auf!
d00106 Germany Coeur Legespiel fur Kleinste II
d00107 Germany Coeur Buchstaben Domino
d00108 Germany Coeur Indianer
d00109 Russia Ocean Tell fortunes game
d00110 France Grimaud Tarot of Marseilles
d00111 USA IGC Uno
d00112 Austria Piatnik Sport Cars
d00113 Austria Piatnik Tarot 78 cartes super luxe
d00114 Germany Coeur Such mich
d00115 Germany Coeur Zauberhafte Tierwelt
d00116 Germany Coeur Marchen-Legespiel
d00117 Germany Coeur Pilze kennen - Pilze sammeln
d00118 Germany Schmid BTS Baukeramik
d00119 Germany ASS Bayerisches Doppelbild
d00120 Germany Coeur Vogel und Saugetiere aus aller Welt II
d00121 Russia Union Chernobil Runes
d00122 Russia CPP Oracle
d00123 Austria Piatnik ?
d00124 Austria Piatnik Baccara large
d00125 Austria Piatnik Napoletane finissime
d00126 Russia handmade New playing-card figures by Academic Sharleman
d00127 Russia handmade Sketches for patience playing-cards
d00128 France Grimaud ?
d00129 Austria Piatnik Preussisches Doppelbild
d00130 Austria Piatnik Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten
d00131 France Grimaud paris pattern
d00132 Germany Dondorf Luxusspiel No.75
d00133 Austria Piatnik Destin Antique
d00134 Latvia Valstspapiru Playing Cards
d00135 Latvia PapaugSpiestuve ?
d00136 Austria Piatnik ESP-Deck
d00137 unknown unknown ?
d00138 Taiwan unknown WWII battleplan
d00139 USA W. Whale 26th Yankee Division
d00140 China Hangzhou wenhua Poet and Poetry
d00141 Spain Fournier Canary Islands
d00142 Holland NFS "Neerlandia"
d00143 Switzerland AGM deck for Jass
d00144 Germany Dondorf Fortune telling cards
d00145 UK GPS 4 standard decks
d00146 Germany C.L. Wust Wilhelm Tell
d00147 Germany C.L. Wust Hamburg
d00148 Germany J.F.Cotta Wallenstein
d00149 China WSD reprint of russian deck "Atlas"
d00150 Russia CPP Petergof
d00151 Russia CPP Lubok
d00152 Spain Fournier Las Aventuras de Tarzan
d00153 Hungary Domino Forma 1
d00154 Russia CPP Modern
d00155 Taiwan unknown Archaian life-form fossil
d00156 Hungary Offset Vetokartya
d00157 Spain Fournier Le Tarot de Marseille
d00158 Russia handmade Prisoners
d00159 Hungary Domino Schwarze Katze
d00160 Hungary Domino Olimpia
d00161 Poland unknown France Civilla
d00162 Russia Native House Soliter "Russian"
d00163 Germany Dondorf Deutsches Luxusbild
d00164 Spain Fournier Szalone Domino
d00165 Russia Union Chernobil Oracle of Paris
d00166 Russia Union Chernobil Pokemon
d00167 Spain Fournier Parejas del Mundo
d00168 Russia Novosibirsk Show Girls
d00169 Russia Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Fair
d00170 China Zhe Jiang ?
d00171 Poland KZWP 101 Dolmatians
d00172 China unknown FIAT BRAND 555
d00173 China unknown Honey  No.1001
d00174 China unknown Sweetheart 303
d00175 Russia Novosibirsk Oracle
d00176 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Horoscope"
d00177 Russia Novosibirsk Puzzle "Aquarium"
d00178 Russia Novosibirsk Soliter "Ancient"
d00179 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Horoscope"
d00180 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Fortuna Telling"
d00181 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Russian"
d00182 Russia Union Chernobil Soliter "Barbie"
d00184 Germany F.X.Schmid Sexy-Girls
d00185 China unknown Death
d00186 Russia Novosibirsk Sweet Flower
d00187 Poland unknown Adult Playing Cards
d00188 Poland unknown With Nude Beauties/With Big Tits
d00189 USA Iwory Tower Beach Buns
d00190 Germany ASS Polit-Poker
d00191 Russia CPP Peter's
d00192 Russia KSP+ Tarot of lovers
d00193 Russia KSP+ Magic Tarot
d00194 Russia KSP+ Vedic Tarot
d00195 Germany F.X.Schmid Magic
d00196 Russia KSP+ The Cosmic Tribe Tarot
d00197 Russia unknown Classic Runes
d00198 Poland unknown tell fortunes cards "Oracle"
d00199 Russia Prostor Egypt Tarot
d00200 Russia Novosibirsk Runes